This is how much junk mail you receive a year

Facebook user David Ong did a small social experiment: he saved all the junk mail received from 1st January to 30th December 2018 and collected 7kg worth.

After sorting, the junk was categorised into 4 main genres:

  1. Property Agencies and agents
  2. Shopping malls and warehouse sales
  3. F&B types: Fast food, catering
  4. Handouts from tuition and education centres

If one apartment receives 7kg of junk mail, and one small HDB block has at least 200 units… that’s 1400 kg per HDB block, almost a ton!

Each run of pamphlets can cost anything from $80 to $200 to print and distribute. It is a small bet – profit from sales returned is more than adequate to pay for print. All you need is one or two customers and costs are paid for. It is because of this logic that unsolicited mail continues to plague our mailboxes.

However, it is terribly inefficient marketing. The time spent designing, printing and arranging for distribution would have been better spent on a social media strategy – possibly cost less and brings in more customers.

And – pamphlets cheapen your brand. Being associated with nuisance and cheapness is not going take your business very far. 

It is the year 2019. Technology has allowed us to target and attract customers in much smarter, more efficient ways. Stop polluting our environment with paper that no one wants and start winning business in a cleverer way.

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