The Reverse Streisand Effect

A self-proclaimed satanic band were disallowed to perform in Singapore hours before a scheduled concert last week. 

In a time when the global narrative promotes inclusiveness, freedom of speech, love and acceptance, it is hardly surprising that there is an outpour of sympathy for the Devil. 

But just like how there ought to be limits to the freedom of speech, this band should be given no special treatment.

It isn’t entirely about the music. Rest assured the government isn’t trying to police your taste in music.

If cello master Yo-Yo Ma promotes devil worship, abused animals and use their blood and organs as props on stage, he’s going to get the ban too.

Could you imagine if ISIS had a global ballet tour performing Swan Lake, can you imagine them being allowed to perform? Absolutely not!

Here we have a satanic band, subscribing to philosophies such as Odinism and Wotanism that celebrate mythical Norse gods. These same philosophies attract Neo-Nazis, far-right fascists and white supremacists. They sing “Fuck your Jewish God!” and openly cheer the oppression of Christianity. they glorify and sing about death and suicide to a young and impressionable audience, and this is no trivial matter.

Maybe it is just music for you and maybe some find it fashionable to be anti-establishment, but this band promotes ideologies that can spark social instability.

The Charlie Hebdo shootings are a sober reminder about the risks related to a high degree of freedom of speech. In a society as fragile as ours, we cannot accept these risks.

“Singapore has been very protective of Islam and Malay-Muslims, punishing anyone who makes offensive remarks. This is especially because of our history and geo-politics. Why not the same protection for Christianity too? And why not also for other faiths?” said Calvin Cheng in a Facebook post.

Many agree that the authorities ought to disallowed the group much earlier. Perhaps they have been ignorant before, but I think now the authorities are much more enlightened. The next black metal satanic band that wants to perform here would probably make it as far as filling in the forms.

It is observable that people are searching for the band and in so doing, finding out what appalling ideology they are trying to transmit. Where people did not understand the twisted philosophies and ideologies behind this (and other) bands, they do now.

This is the social immune system working. A bit of virus to develop a stronger resistance. Or, what I’d like to call, the “Reverse Streisand effect”.

And the government should be applauded for this difficult decision. A weaker administration would have allowed the performance to continue, and it would have been easy given the world’s attraction to inclusiveness, freedom of speech and tolerance.

Whilst countries such as China are pulling down Churches, our government is protecting the sanctity of our Christian beliefs (as well as other mainstream religions).

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