Break out of the circle of misery

Don’t tolerate bad service, it makes both your day and the service provider’s more miserable.

This is what I call, the circle of misery.

Example: You buy your food from the most convenient, cheapest shop available for you and you think you’re putting up with bad service because that’s part of the price.

The proprietor gives you bad service because he thinks he’s charging you too little. He doesn’t earn enough and it makes his day miserable.

Both you and him are contributing to a cycle of misery. 

And then you drive to work wondering why you have to deal with this. And then your mind drifts to all the unfinished business at home. “Oh crap, I forgot to pay the property taxes! There’s a late fee imposed now!”

“Oh good grief, what else did I forget to pay? Oh yes, the shitty library books that I borrowed and never even put aside time to read!”

“Argh…what else did I… and I didn’t go to the gym again. That’s just like the books…why don’t I ever have the time?!”

And then it goes on… the negativity piles and piles. And you find yourself driving faster…and faster…and goops, you’ve triggered a speeding camera!

All this, just because you tolerated miserable service.

You see, we live in a very small country with too many people. 

I once had the opportunity of keeping some hamsters before. We started with just two. Before long, these horny little critters became a colony of 20 (before I get attacked by animal activists, no that’s not the actual number.. it’s just for illustration. And no, I won’t tell you the actual number).

Do you know what happens when you put too many hamsters in too small a cage? They kill each other. They will fight over the treadmill. They will fight over the food. They will go to war over water. They will conflict over residency rights to their little corner of their cage. 

I can imagine what would happen if they were to be allowed to breed to an even larger number. They would split themselves up into political parties. There would be a Blue Hamster Party and a White Hamster Party. 

The Blue Hamsters would say they want equal rights to the entire cage for all the colony. The White Hamsters would argue that not all hamsters are born equal and premium spots near the food, water and treadmill ought to be priced higher and the dividends distributed to the entire colony.

Then one day, the White Hamsters would publish statistics that show that the colony is aging and there are not enough new hamsters to support everyone. The idea would then be to allow foreign hamsters to come in and work.

The Blue Hamsters would get enraged. “Are you kidding?! Is this colony not packed enough? We are now at peak hamster caniblism! We’re eating each other at unprecedented rates! How can we get it into your furry little heads that we cannot have more?!”

“Well yes! Spot on observation that we’re killing each other but that’s because we don’t have enough fellow hamsters to give each other care! The problem with you dimwit Blue Hamsters is because you’re not using your furry little eyes to see the problem!”

Yes. Put too many hamsters in a cage and they’ll end up killing one another. 

But we’re better than this. We can create artificial bastions of peace for ourselves. We can make our lives fulfilling, even if the world outside our windows was filled with what looks like ten thousand people per square meter. 

Whenever possible, don’t tolerate poor service. Don’t put up with bad attitude wherever it may lurk. The money and effort you saved isn’t worth turning mad for.

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