Worker’s Party town council writes off late payment interest

The Worker’s Party controlled town council reportedly wrote off one individual’s late fee of netizen “Raymond Wee”. 

Raymond first posted this comment on another netizen’s Facebook page, a person named Kilmar Wong.

Raymond’s comment implies he is a Aljunied-Hougang resident. In his sharing, he said that his father “owes the Town Council 14 months’ arrears due to poor health.” 

The post suggests that Raymond himself was abroad when his father started chalking up late payments “due to poor health”. Upon his return, Raymond said he assisted his father in ‘getting medical aid and handled the necessary documentation.” Which we can presume to be seeking government assistance for his father’s medical bills.

The post then said that he went to appeal against the interest levied. 

“Within 15 minutes of waiting and 5 minutes of studying my appeal, my town council waived the interest charge of $700+ based on medical and compassionate grounds.”

If this story certainly was true, then perhaps the Worker’s Party is deserving of an applaud for their ability to make swift decisions concerning his appeal. 

One can imagine a PAP town council to have several more steps; such as visiting the residence of the appellant, arranging for community assistance, roping in the Community Development Council for evaluation and checking hospital records to understand if the resident has the ability to help himself or if he needs further assistance. And certainly due diligence to prevent fraudulent claims.

Through this story, we can infer that the Worker’s Party has very efficient processes and is able to do all this within the time span of 5 minutes.

At this point, this magazine is unable to verify the source of Raymond Wee’s Facebook account.

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