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When it comes to the art of dissent, one would wonder what gives the group behind it the credibility. They are not protest extraordinaires. If anything, it is perhaps only Chee Soon Juan the man whom can be qualified. Chee himself led protests of many variations, he himself had designed banners and has even attempted antics such as hunger strikes and running in the rain.

PJ Thum, Kirsten Han, Jolavan Wham and even Alfian Sa’at… what have they done? Let’s see… they write blogs, ask for your money and two other things: get you riled  up and teach you what to do when you’re riled up.

The Yale-NUS course is merely a continuation of their plans.

A year ago, Thum Ping Tjin and freelance journalist Kirsten Han sought to register a company that was to be funded by foreign groups. Their purpose? To organise activities such as workshops and “democracy classroom” sessions. 

They promptly have had their application rejected by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)

They then decided to setup a blog that will be critical of politics in regional countries. What was born was the site New Naratif. The site carries articles that go as far as to claim certain regional governments are using violence to maintain political control, manipulated events and even framed them for political gain. 

All these activities needed money. Who gave them money? US$75,000 seed funding had arrived by way of an organisation known as the Foundation Open Societies Institute (FOSI). FOSI is a Swiss charitable foundation closely associated with another organisation known as the Open Society Foundations. OSF itself was founded and led by George Soros.

George Soros – and many other the likes of this, make their money from one thing: speculation. But not just plain vanilla speculation, they make money from events they can control and orchestrate. The strength and weakness of a currency is one such means. Stock markets are another, and so is property, oil, gold prices… to them, it’s just business. 

And individuals such as the above walk right into the loving embrace of their multi-billionaire daddies. Politics is modern religion. It does not rely on fact, it is all emotion. Once you light the incense and worship your political god of choice, there’s no turning back. I’m not talking about partisan politics, I’m talking about those big hairy ideas that have no conclusion – such as democracy, as if there was even such a thing as democracy in its purest form.

Thum and gang not only sought foreign funding, they sought foreign leadership. On the 30th of August 2018, Thum Ping Tjin, political dissident Tan Wah Piow, freelance journalist Kirsten Han, civil rights activist Jolovan Wham and graphic novelist Sonny Liew went to an  80-minute meeting in Kuala Lumpur, during which Dr Thum said that he had asked Dr Mahathir to take a leading role in promoting democracy and freedom of expression in South-east Asia.

On the day of Malaysia’s National Day, Thum posted on Facebook: “Selamat Hari Merdeka to the people of the former Federation of Malaya! (and happy unofficial independence day to the people of Singapore!)” He is alluding that Malaysia’s National Day was to be Singapore’s Independence Day also! 

Separately, another buddy of their’s, Teo Soh Lung also commented on a Facebook video by socio-political website The Online Citizen that “Singapore is part of Malaya la”.

Malaya! I’m not sure which part of history are these historians stuck in… but we live in the present. And in the present, Singapore is a sovereign country and any person that seeks to disrupt Singapore’s peace through foreign money and organisations are committing treason. 

I think the most frightening thing is that they seek to intoxicate young, malleable minds. Remember Amos Yee? That is one example of a young mind gone wrong. Amos is now in America pushing for elimination, or at least lowering, of the age of sexual consent. In short, he’s pushing for paedophiles to have rights. 

Amos is practicing dissent – now his dissent has gone too far and he’s just made himself very unwelcome in America. He is the product of this friendship and this is a mind that’s gone awry. 

I’ll leave you with this video, which should give you an idea of what the Yale-NUS course would have been about.

In this video she spoke about Bill Moyer’s “Eight stage Movement Action Plan” and posited Singapore as being somewhere between the first and third stages identified of the MAP. The fourth stage is “take off” spurred by a trigger event which would inter alias see people in the streets. The yardstick of success is to have 500k people in the streets.

Yardstick of success…all right I see.

Right now in Hong Kong, it is no longer “people vs police”. It is now “people vs people”. It is now a place of anarchy and its fight sees no resolution, no conclusion. 

No, that we most certainly do not want Singapore to head that way.

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