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(The following article is submitted by “Concerned Citizen”)

After one chat over breakfast at Bukit Batok West Ave 6, he claimed to throughly understand the CPF woes of two residents. One claimed to be in his 60s with S$247,000 in CPF but could not withdraw the funds. Another claimed to be suffering from an unidentified illness and could not work for two years.

Chee then wrote to the CPF and asked them to release the funds for assistance. 

Chee said these were examples of ordinary Singaporeans who “played by the rules” but still lacked financial security. He added that the government was “callous” and “impervious to their pleas”.

He then proceeded to release the email exchange with the CPF Board.

The first email was dated Oct. 22, and addressed his earlier Facebook post. 

The unsigned email read:

“Every year, we address close to two million requests and queries either in person or through the phone, e-mail and written correspondence. The fastest way for members to reach us for assistance is to visit our five service centres conveniently located across the island, phone our call centre or write in to us.

If you wish to help the two CPF members you cited, please let us know their contact details so that we may look into the matter. We look forward to receiving the details soon.”

Unsatisfied with an unsigned email, SDP vice-chairman John Tan replied and asked for the “identity and designation” of the email’s author, or else SDP would treat it as “fraudulent”.

A reply arrived and this time, it was signed off by Christoper Ee, Senior Deputy Director for Corporate Communications. Ee had once again asked for the contact details of the two CPF members.

Did the SDP refer the members over to the CPF? No they didn’t. Here’s their reply:

“You seem to have missed the point. They came to the SDP precisely because they had approached CPF to return them their savings but were turned away. It, therefore, strains credulity that you now want to contact them to “look into the matter”.

Chee also suggested that it was “immoral” to hold on to retirees savings.

Citizens should never be turned into political tools of contesting political parties and Chee has a track record of doing this. 

In 2016 at the Bukit Batok By-Elections, the SDP posted up a video of a cleaner aunty. The full footage had her cheerfully explaining why she chose to work at this age (to stay active) and how healthy she was financially. What did Chee do with the video? He shortened the clip and posted vitriol about how she was “suffering” and blamed the PAP for “failing the elderly”.

Footage can be viewed here

In 2018, Chee put up a video full of homeless people and again, criticised the PAP left, right and centre for “failing the people” again. The contents of his video are fake – these were footages of people in Hong Kong. He put up a weak apology only after alternative news sites called him out and strongly criticised the unethical usage of the video. 

If Chee and his SDP was honest and genuine in helping anyone, they would be working with the CPF and other organisations instead of just putting on a show to tell the world what he’s been doing and attempting to do.

Chee Soon Juan

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