Eight Riversuites latest: Security agency changed?

(The following is a contribution by Lim, Grab Hitch driver, 28)

Hi guys,

The Eight Riversuites resident vs security officer incident must still be fresh on everybody’s mind. Today, as I dropped off a Hitch rider, I realised that the security officers’ uniforms had been changed from the last time I dropped someone off. The first thought I had on my mind was: “Wah, poor uncle Steven…did he lose his job because of this incident?”

Fortunately, my rider says that the change of security agency is not because of the incident. “Cannot lah bro, change agency also must quote and tender” was his repartee.

I kaypoh a bit and asked a friend who works in a managing agent, commonly known as MA. For security, usually putting out a tender and then easing the new agency in would take a couple of months.

So don’t worry, Uncle Steven (the officer) is fine and has probably been deployed elsewhere. It is just so coincidence that the exit of the company coincided so perfectly with the incident. 

I also asked the resident if he knew that there are charges for overnight parking and even he doesn’t know about it. So maybe the communications wasn’t done properly, or maybe wasn’t even done. And also, if you have driven in before, honestly the carpark is quite confusing to first time visitors..

So there you have it – don’t be surprised if you see new officers at Eight Riversuites or hear from somewhere else online that Uncle Steven has “lost his job”. He didn’t. 

Editor: Just minutes ago, the Straits Times reported that the security agency was “terminated”. We say that this is incorrect, the managing agent should come out to comment instead of declining to comment, this would make matters worse and more uncomfortable for everyone. 

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