Did Workers’ Party Leaders go on a self-imposed LOA?

The past two weeks had been hectic for Singapore. Not just for the government and community leaders, but all of corporate Singapore was busy with some form of exercise to keep the coronavirus at bay. 

In the midst of all this, the Workers Party had been unusually quiet. No words, no sound, no picture.

While Party official comms paid lip service and assured Parliament that they would “support the government”, the members are stirring shit on the ground.

The rest of Singapore has been in over-drive: National Servicemen are doing extra-duty to pack the masks in double-quick time. Volunteer grassroots from all over the country have been mobilised to man the distribution centres.

FYI – the Workers Party had been condemning the Peoples Association and the entire grassroots leader program. As we can see, the grassroots are at the frontline of national emergencies. The Workers Party wants PA erased – that’s no secret. What will we do without this very strong network?

Politicians and activists are combing the grounds to communicate and assure the community that all is under control. Trade unions are extremely busy working with union leaders and industry representatives to assist affected workers. At the frontline, the government had been extremely busy in trying to prevent the virus from spreading in Singapore.

The opposition is our shadow government, they have members in parliament, they have networks of activists and supporters. What on earth are they doing in this national time of need? Their Facebook pages are quiet. Their politicians are quiet. Not a word is spoken, except for that public statement to the media.

They are even avoiding the ground, running away in times of need!

According to sources within the Workers Party, members were disappointed when leaders were not at one of the orange distribution sessions over the weekend at Blk 216 Bedok North hawker centre. Only two junior members (Dylan Ng and Ethan Tang) and a few members were at the distribution.

Both online and offline, they are quiet. But there is so much they can do! What are they doing to discourage people from sharing rumours that can cause panic? This is one of the more serious things that’s going on, I don’t see them doing anything to stop it. In fact, look at the acts of their political candidates – they’re doing things to encourage it even! 

There are also racial and nationalist tensions going on: there are reports that homeowners are evicting tenants, there are some calling for complete closure of the borders. What is the Workers Party, as a responsible representative of our country, doing to correct and address these attitudes? Nothing I’m afraid. 

Well, ok… maybe they’re not entirely quiet. 

At least their Youth Wing had updated their Facebook page to display some new year greetings. 

The silence of the Workers Party is disappointing. They’re not even doing the minimum to help the country, however when there is chance for them to criticise and score political points, they will activate their entire machinery to make a lot of noise. 

With opposition’s like this in your country, who needs a foreign enemy. We’ll be kill ourselves from the inside.

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