Indonesia reports 0 Covid-19 cases…do you believe it?

With so many Asian countries surfacing cases of the Covid-19 infections, one country has surprisingly evaded it all.

To date, Indonesia reports and stands by the fact that there are zero infections in the country of 264 million, a country that attracts more than two million Chinese tourists a year and a country that hosts thousands of guest workers.

Public health researches are astounded by this and tells Indonesian officials that it is not possible given that Indonesia has extensive air links to China and the city of Wuhan. However Indonesian Health Minister took issue with the researchers, calling the reports “insulting”.

“They can be baffled but it’s a fact there are no cases”, said Terawan Agus Putranto. “I am just telling you like it is”, he added pointing to the fact that his country had “the proper testing equipment”.

The country’s biochemistry researcher Chairul Anwar Nidom weighed in on the issue. “Is it possible that Indonesia has coronavirus cases? Of course… But it’s also possible that it doesn’t.”

Transparency and access to timely, accurate information is extremely important in this war against the global epidemic. Sticking your head in the sand is going to make the situation worse and should citizens not trust you, a government is at risk of losing control of the population. 

Although Singapore has reported the most cases outside of China, it is doing this because of aggressive contact tracing measures conducted by the health officials and the police. Through this and other measures to encourage those infected to come forward, Singapore has done exceptionally well in preventing the virus from exploding into a full-blown pandemic. 

The timely release of information together with efficient steps has what made Singapore the most organised country in this war against the Covid-19 virus. 

Putting your head in the sand will only eventually suffocate you.

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