Lee Suet Fern hurried Lee Kuan Yew to sign his last will: A recap

On 14 June 2017, Lee Hsien Loong’s siblings made a public statement on Facebook, alleging that he had abused his office to prevent the demolition and that he wished to move into the house to inherit the political capital of his father.

LHY and LWL also alleged that various organs of state such as the National Heritage Board, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Prime Minister’s Office and the ministerial committee have been involved in the private dispute

The dispute about the house then branched off into strands:

1. Issues surrounding LKY’s last will. Prepared by Lee Suet Fern, she hurriedly made LKY sign it off without the presence of his usual lawyers. This last will included the contentious “Demolition Clause”, reinserted when it had already been removed. In this will, Lee Hsien Yang also stood to gain via the removal of Lee Wei Ling’s extra share.

As a lawyer, Lee Suet Fern knew that this was in direct conflict of interest.

LSF’s firm, Stamford Law (LSF’s law firm) had even affirmed that they did not draft the will, they pointed to Kwa Kim Lee (a lawyer of Lee & Lee) that did so. Kwa Kim Lee also denied to have drafted the will.

On Dec 17, 2013, the late Mr Lee had signed the final will in the presence of two lawyers from Mrs Lee Suet Fern’s law firm. PM Lee had noted that the two lawyers, Mr Bernard Lui and Ms Elizabeth Kong, were present at his father’s house for “15 minutes only, including the time for logging into and out from the property”.

There are doubts about whether LKY was properly and independently advised on the contents of the last will before he signed it.

In 2019, the AGC referred the case to the Law Society over possible misconduct by Lee Suet Fern.

(See more here: https://www.straitstimes.com/politics/the-sequence-of-events-regarding-founding-pm-lee-kuan-yews-last-will 

2. LKY’s conduct regarding the house. This has already been fervently discussed on public domain. In summary: Communications to Parliament saw that he reluctantly agreed for the house not to be demolished. In order to prepare for this, he put it through renovation (See more here: https://www.fivestarsandamoon.com/2019/09/simplifying-the-oxley-conundrum/)

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