Opposition’s stance and promises on CPF is a disaster

One of the popular messages that the opposition promises, is to release the CPF back to Singaporeans should they be elected. 

This may have worked on an older or uneducated generation who prefers to see cold, hard cash and don’t know much about investment. However, this message will backfire on a more educated electorate. 

You see – we LOVE our CPF! It is seen by many as tool to become wealthy rather than a “tax”. 

Check these out:

People don’t want their CPF returned. They want it to stay in there and make more money for them as they get older. So the opposition is completely out of touch when they think that Singaporeans want money back.

Even if you know how to invest your money and make loads and loads of interest, you should still have the basics looked after. It is risk free and even if you should fail, or be hit by bad luck in private investment….CPF WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU! It is protected and guaranteed by the government.

Whenever I read about an opposition politician ranting about CPF and promising to return it if he gets voted in – it makes me wonder how in-tune he is with current affairs. 

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