Don’t like foreigners? But want to work in an MNC? Sorry, these attitudes are not compatible.

Ask anyone where they want to work, chances are they’ll tell you they prefer MNCs. They pay more, have better benefits, are more stable and conduct more interesting operations and make a lot more money. 

But then this same person will tell you that “I don’t like foreigners coming in to Singapore”, and that’s the line that opposition parties capitalise on.

Foreigners create Singaporean jobs

So let’s remind ourselves: what does the “MN” in MNC mean? Yes, it means Multi National. So how do you expect a MULTI NATIONAL corporation to setup shop in a country that doesn’t welcome a MULTI NATIONAL workforce? 

MNCs bring all the goodness and jobs to a country, but you have to allow them to fill seats for an International workforce. If you tell them that they can only hire Singaporeans (as what the Workers Party wants) then they’ll look at you square in the eyes and tell you that it’s not going to happen. 

labour force

There just isn’t enough talent, experience and know-how in Singapore to run the operations that an MNC demands. In fact, there isn’t even enough Singaporeans to staff their operations – don’t forget we’re a small country with a small population. 

So if you want the jobs in an MNC, then you have to be open to the fact that there will be foreigners here to help us grow our economy. The world is becoming more diverse, the workforce is becoming more proliferated and things like nationality, race, religion and gender is becoming irrelevant. 

The sooner Singaporeans learn this, the sooner political parties stop campaigning on these grounds…the better and more harmonious it will be for Singapore. 

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