Is Lee Hsien Yang living in Malaysia now?

(The following is a contribution by “Concerned Singaporean”)

In earlier weeks, he was sharing how he and his wife were under lockdown and being confined to their homes by the government. This is clearly not Singapore. Then, he wrote a rant to the MalayMail criticising the government’s response to Covid-19 and how elections “must wait”. Lee Hsien Yang appears to be hiding out in Malaysia and funding the Progress Singapore Party and other opposition type characters from an arms length.

His wife, Lee Suet Fern had been heard by a disciplinary tribunal (DT) which found her guilty of grossly improper professional conduct. She had created a draft will for Mr Lee, which became his seventh and final will. This draft she created re-inserted the demolition clause (which had been removed) and reduced the share of Lee Wei Ling.

The two-man tribunal appointed by Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon described Mrs Lee as a “deceitful witness, who tailored her evidence to portray herself as an innocent victim who had been maligned”.

Had this last will taken effect, the prime core-central land would have sold for a sizeable profit and the proceeds would have gone to the siblings privately. Lee Wei Ling would also have to live in another property other than the one she grew up in.

Apart from wanting to tear down a family home, Lee Hsien Yang appears to want to tear down the nation that his father and generations of Singaporeans worked hard to build. They are funding the disgruntled, ex-PAP man Tan Cheng Bock in his Progress Singapore Party.

The letter that Lee Hsien Yang wrote to the MalayMail says that holding the elections now would put the country in danger of exposure to the virus and criticised the government’s actions. It is all irrelevant – the government is already working on measures that would be safe for people.

If masks and hand sanitisers can be given out safely and without exposure to people, there is little reason why making a mark on a piece of paper can be more dangerous.

Moreover, the Singapore government’s management of this crisis had earned the praise of international media, governments and individuals. Lee Hsien Yang’s opinion is but one irrelevant drop in a pond of criticism.

His self-imposed (and needless) exile in Malaysia is curious. Of all places, he chose the land whose previous leadership was unfriendly to Singapore. Now that Mahathir’s plan had backfired, perhaps Hsien Yang’s plans (whatever they may be) drowned together with it.

Maybe that is why he had to turn to a newspaper to have his views aired.

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