Pritam’s disappointing reaction to the 3 budgets

The Workers Party has responded to the 3 budgets and contained in it are veiled swipes at the government, recommending old concepts that have failed and generally muttering all manner of platitudes.

Here are some choice quotes:

The Veiled Attacks:

“Through the Resilience Budget, we now have a taxpayer-funded unemployment insurance, income support for low-income families, food vouchers for the poor and protection for the self-employed, albeit temporary”

By adding in the words “taxpayer” funded, Pritam is dismissing the massive difficulty needed to save the money. And it is hypocritical. Each and every elections, the Workers Party has hammered the government consistently for not spending enough money; pay for free this, free that. Implement this expensive program, suggest another expensive idea.

Had the PAP relented, Singapore would have been in a very bad situation today.

The Old Concepts:

Pritam called for “a review on the living wage”. In laymen’s terms, he’s suggesting the implementation of a minimum wage. Again. For like the 10,000000th time.

The minimum wage is an old, tired concept and countries that have implemented it have found that it brings a lot of negative effects. This magazine has dedicated a great deal of study and writing about it, you can read about it all here.

Instead of a blunt tool like the minimum wage, Singapore has many other mechanisms. The Progressive WageWorkFare and now the Jobs Support Scheme.

The key point is this – the Workers Party has no fresh, workable ideas. They are only relying on what the West has done, failed and seeking to import these to Singapore.

The Platitudes

Oh these are plenty. All quotes by Pritam.

“Address long-term needs of Singaporeans beyond crisis” (Seriously, you’re telling this to a PAP government whose core branding is long term planning?!)

“How are we going to renew, rebuild and reinvigorate our economy and society after the storm has passed and the dust settles?” (You’ve asked a question, so what is the solution? You do know an MP’s work is more than a question asker)

“To this end, our reserves, and the prospect of taxes should continue to be robustly debated and considered in a detailed manner,” (Ah then? What do you think all the MPs are doing? In case you haven’t noticed, some PAP MPs and NMPs behave more opposition than the actual opposition)

Platitudes and rhetoric… These are just Greek words for “smoke screen”. Smoke screen for what you may ask? The lack of ideas, direction, leadership and political will. Being prone to sway to wherever the political wind blows.

With all these smoke bombs, they should be ninjas rather than politicians.

(…by the way, they haven’t said anything about how they’ll account for the misappropriated funds yet)

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