Netizen shares heartwarming story about PAP MP Murali

Let Lim Bei tell you a story about MP Murali.

Fine, actually this is a story I got online. It was posted on a Netizen’s Facebook page on 21st June. It has since been shared over 400 times.

Here is the post: (Which you may choose to skip lor if you already seen it before.)

Bukit Batok residents,

Elections are coming, everyone would say vote wisely, having someone to speak up for us against the government. I’ve always been supportive towards SDP over the years till then I have other thoughts. 

I’d like to extend my gratitude to Mr Murali. Last year November 1st my house caught fire which resulted my mom’s life and I was warded in icu. It is everywhere on the news.I was in pain and agony, helplessly shouting for help and even lost my beloved mom. Till now I would have sleepless nights and woke up in the middle of the night with a shocked. 

Mr Murali pillai, mentioned on the news that he would be held responsible towards this matter and yes he did. After I was arranged to normal ward, he had came down personally on a visit and showed concern and be physically here whilst I had never seen Dr Chee at all, I was told that he went down on site of my burnt house with news reporters instead of visiting me. Next up I saw all the backlash that the mp should be responsible for it. Yes, initially I was weak and mad because of the horse reel, but no one would wish this to happen even for a mp, he’s just like anyone else father, husband. It’d inflict great amount of troubles faced. As I’m worried for accommodation he had quickly arrange with HDB, emailing the social services to help out on both me and my mom’s hospital bills, most importantly my mom’s funeral was taken care of. During that grieving period, he was attached with the president for state visit and had to rushed back with the permission of president Halimah allowing him to send my mom off. Do you guys know that it is a good opportunity for him and yet he flew back to Ensure everything was well taken care of? 

Just like everyone else who is working.Does anyone knows how busy the government is? Mp schedule is tighter than anyone of us. During that period I saw it with my own eyes and yet they’re trying to accommodate and help out with everyone’s request. They do have their own families but I doubt they have the time to spend it with them. 
The governments tried their best to help everyone out during the covid period, though I complained about the gst too, but in a Long run its benefitting our country to fully utilised it on the country growth, for our next generations. I wasn’t born rich, as i grew older I realised the importance of a decision being made and it’d definitely affect commoners like me. It wasn’t an easy decision each time there’s new implementation. 

Well, all these were facts that I had been through. I just wish to thank Murali Pillai for doing his part or probably even more than his role and am here to justify his countless hardwork for the people living within the vicinity under his charge. Our people’s voice. 

Thank you sir

As you can see from this account, MPs are actually very busy people. Not only do they have to deal with their day job but also helping people on the ground as well. To make things even more challenging, they are dealing with people’s lives and livelihood no thanks to Covid-19. So it is really very busy for them to be running around. This General Elections probably only give them more work. There is really no advantage for them to call GE now, with one arm fighting Covid-19 and another dealing with elections.

The original post has since been removed from Facebook.

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