One Minute: PAP’s GE2020 Election Manifesto


Our Lives, Our Jobs, Our Future


“Whatever your starting point, we will make sure you have access to good education, healthcare and housing, and full opportunities to do well. We will always take care of the vulnerable in our society, leaving no one behind…

Together, we will overcome COVID-19 and secure a brighter future for ourselves and our children.” – PAP Secretary-General Lee Hsien Loong

Key theme

Together, let’s improve our lives, keep everyone safe, and take Singapore forward.


  1. Public health and safety
  2. Protect and create jobs to keep Singaporeans employed
    • boost employment of Singaporeans aged 40 – 60
    • encourage hiring of senior workers
    • help young Singaporeans entering the job market
    • improve jobs and earnings for lower paid Singaporeans
    • work with employers to hire persons with disabilities
    • stabilise businesses
  3. Assist Singaporeans with the cost of living (e.g. giving extra support to families for household expenses, help Singaporeans to cope with the GST increase)
  4. Help families with children with special education needs with extra support
  5. Help Singaporeans retire comfortably with good health
  6. Expand our healthcare capacity to improve access to medical treatment and care for all
  7. Strengthen our social compact and social service agencies
  8. Make sustainability a way of life (e.g. bring more nature to the city, produce more green energy)

Read PAP’s GE2020 Manifesto here

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