One Minute: Red Dot United (RDU) GE2020 Election Manifesto


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“Red Dot United (RDU) guarantees that we will give our best to serve the residents of Jurong GRC and run their Town Council efficiently and prudently if elected, ensuring that all processes are transparent and that all responsibilities are fulfilled. In Parliament, RDU will consistently hold all policies and elected officials accountable to the principles and values of our Singapore pledge.

We will speak up to enable Singaporeans to be the Captains of their own Lives, while caring for those in need of assistance. We will:

  • push for policy changes in areas such as Jobs, Housing, Healthcare, Arts and Culture to improve the lives and happiness of Singaporeans, and reduce their anxiety and stress;
  • advocate for Singaporeans to have more options and flexibility through access to needed information on our Governance and Reserves Management, and in areas like the use of their own CPF monies, and Education;
  • champion policies that make Singapore ready for the future, focusing on Wages, Economy, Total Fertility Rate, and Climate Change; and
  • safeguard our Constitution by subjecting constitutional changes to a much greater level of scrutiny and debate.” – Red Dot United

Key theme

Having more options is better. We cannot continue to rely on others to captain our lives by telling us what we can or cannot do.


  • Jobs: Review FTAs, assess EP system, revise Employment Act, ensure a Singaporean First hiring policy, match PMEs to jobs before they are trained
  • Housing: Make en-bloc redevelopment programme mandatory, allow singles to buy bigger 3-room or smaller BTO and lower the minimum age
  • Healthcare: Provide heavily subsidized quarterly-to-annual doctor consultations without means testing, improving Medifund, expand the scope of Medisave for use in more areas of outpatient consultations, establish a watchdog agency to examine healthcare costs
  • Cost of living: No to rise in GST or other fees in next 5 years, peg ministerial salaries to multiples of the Median Gross Monthly Income from Work
  • Arts and culture: Provide more focus and effort on growing craftsmanship
  • Governance and national reserves: Review public spending by Public Institutions, review Presidential Elections Act
  • CPF: Allow CPF Members to withdraw all their monies in the Provident Fund at retirement age, and borrow from their own CPF accounts
  • Education: Make every school a good school, allow Singaporean children to study in International Schools
  • Civil liberties: Review POFMA, ISA and Public Order Act
  • Local businesses: Use Sovereign-Wealth Fund (SWF) to acquire companies in selected industries and reserving some jobs in these companies for Singaporeans, provide pathways for SMEs to partner GLCs/MNCs to venture overseas
  • Increasing total fertility rate: Increase paid parental leave to 6 months (26 weeks), all parents should receive the same subsidies available to households with working mothers
  • Climate change: Switch to clean energy, increase public education in the 3Rs “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”

Read RDU’s GE2020 Manifesto here

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