One Minute: Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) GE2020 Election Manifesto


The way forward.


“We put our people first, we uphold democracy, and we eschew short-term fixes for our nation’s problems – an approach that is diametrically opposite to what the PAP does.

An important segment in the manifesto is our plans for running of town councils in the eventuality that we win our contests. We have spelt out in detail how we are going to effect a smooth and seamless takeover of the running of the estates as well as described how we are going to be transparent and accountable in running town council operations.” – Singapore Democratic Party

Key theme

4 Yes’s and one No


  • Suspend GST till the end of 2021
  • Pay retrenchment insurance 50% of last drawn salary for 18 months
  • Provide low-income retirees over 65 with income support of $500 income every month
  • Put people first, no GE during Covid-19 crisis
  • Say no to 10 million people, don’t allow more foreigners to come in to compete for jobs

Read SDP’s GE2020 Manifesto here

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