One Minute: Workers’ Party (WP) GE2020 Election Manifesto


Make your vote count


• “Singaporeans must be enabled to achieve their dreams
• We must forge a dynamic economy
• We will work together to build the home that we want
• An accountable democracy and resilient Singapore”

Key theme

A Singapore for all, make your vote count.


  1. Tackling Covid-19: Listen to medical experts, expand testing for Covid-19, offer free vaccinations, plug gaps, support local enterprises, develop domestic manufacturing capabilities for critical items, improve the living conditions in foreign worker dormitories, strengthen social safety nets for retrenched workers
  2. Achieving our dreams: Improve access to university places for Singaporeans, reduce form class sizes in schools to 20-25 students, more infant care centres, extend fee and financial assistance to all preschools, introduce a SkillsFuture education loan, uncage our CPF at 60, introduce Special Dividend from GIC investments for CPF members, ensure inclusivity for Persons with Disabilities, national strategy to combat poverty, equalise childcare subsidies for all women, including home-makers, fast-track Naturalisation for foreign spouses on LTVP+
  3. Good Jobs and Dynamic Workers: Form an EXIM Bank to finance SME internationalisation, form a National Secretariat for Enterprise, nurture silver industries, introduce a national minimum wage, abolish retirement age, address the gender wage gap, make Careshield Life premiums gender-neutral, recognise unpaid labour, introduce shared parental leave, support employer workforce re-entry programmes for mothers and informal caregivers, introduce redundancy insurance, legislate against discrimination for gender, race and age, tighten employment pass (EP) approvals, incentives for hiring Singaporeans
  4. A Home For All: No to a GST hike, control HDB BTO prices, make medicines more affordable, remove Medishield Life annual claim limits, lower the cost of Intermediate and Long-Term Care (ILTC), widen the use of Medisave for those over 60, introduce HDB reform to tackle lease decay, allow BTO flats for singles at 28, remove ethnic quotas for HDB resales, boost retirement adequacy for unpaid workers, boost caregiver support, make public transport free for seniors and Persons with Disabilities, curb plastics use
  5. A Resilient Democracy: Abolish GRCs, safeguard the independence of national institutions, revert to a ceremonial presidency, strengthen legislative oversight, lower the voting age to 18, broadcast Parliamentary sittings live, form the office of an Ombudsman to investigate complaints against the public service, declassifying our national archives, enhance National Education in schools, implement media reform, replace the ISA with an Anti-Terrorism law, create an independent body for the arts, strengthen ASEAN, conclude South China Sea code of conduct

Read WP’s GE2020 Manifesto here

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