Tan Chuan-Jin visits Low Thia Khiang and the Internet went crazy

Image source: Tan Chuan-Jin Facebook

They might be from different parties, they might have differences in political ideology but what makes it impossible for them to be friends? Nothing. Especially from the picture that our Speaker of the Parliament, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin has uploaded of visiting Workers’ Party’s former chief Low Thia Khiang, who is recovering from a fall at home since April this year.

I guess this is what we call a gentlemen’s code. They might have different beliefs and political positions, but they can still be friendly towards each other.

However, given the current situation that the Workers’ Party’s new chief Pritam Singh has put himself into, one wonders if the Workers’ Party has Singapore’s interests at heart. Given the track record of Low Thia Khiang, he probably would never have chosen Alfian Sa’at as a role model to be praised in the parliament.

From the latest video that Workers’ Party posted yesterday on their Facebook, the new team looks much younger and probably attractive to young voters. And you probably spotted our General Election 2011’s rockstar – Nicole Seah who was once under the flag of Reform Party (RP) as well as National Solidarity Party (NSP).

With this new line-up, is it still the same Workers’ Party that has been recognized as Singapore’s best opposition party for the last few decades? Will they uphold the past values Mr Low has set while continuing to innovate and serve Singapore in their best possible manner? Or will the individuals be flying under yet another flag if they fail to grab a seat in this coming GE?

I guess only time will tell.

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