TCB of PSP Dismisses West Coast GRC Voter’s Concerns, Disappoints Her Greatly

A West Coast GRC voter recently posted “of my disappointment in the exchange with a contestant in my GRC.”

This voter is Carol Loi, Founder & Digital Literacy Educator at SgVillage and a Fellow at the Center for Media Literacy.

She teaches adults and children about digital literacy and also served in the public service for over two decades, including the Ministry of Education, Info-Communications Media Development Agency and Economic Development Board.

How Tan Cheng Bock disappointed his voter

On her Facebook today, she posted:

“I was reading today’s papers (and hearing AGAIN the loud blasting of rally cars – can’t wait for them to end) discussing about the manifesto in my GRC, and it reminded me of my disappointment in the exchange with a contestant in my GRC. And since he said “it’s for the people to decide” whether it is a lousy manifesto (…/pap-psp-exchange-fire-over-m…), here it goes:

I was curious about the number of pages; I wrote to him that it was 7, but another contestant mentioned 13. So I went to check. Aiya I counted from online version. Actually minus all the big graphics, the over pages and the intro, the solid content of the manifesto about the party’s position on national issues is maybe about 4 pages.

This season should not be about personality or hypebeast culture. We need to think critically and not just with our feelings; let’s use both our feeling brain AND our thinking brain. Move beyond the hype and step back to think about what they really can do for us. Glossing over issues and asking “the people to decide” while drumming their emotional brains is irresponsible IMHO.”

Carol Loi Facebook

How Tan Cheng Bock dismissed his voter’s concerns

Carol shared the screenshot of an exchange (below) she had with Tan Cheng Bock of Progress Singapore Party (PSP), who is contesting West Coast GRC.

Carol Loi Facebook

She started her message to Tan Cheng Bock saying she is “open to support you” as a West Coast GRC voter and wanted to share her disappointment about the lack of elaboration in the 7 page PSP manifesto, explaining it was hard to build trust that way.

She also voiced concern about PSP’s party member Martin Piper who “has openly sought support from High Commission of Canada on a cause that is close to his heart” and she hoped to better understand Tan Cheng Bock’s as well as PSP’s stand on this.

For background information, Martin Piper posted a comment (below) on the High Commission of Canada’s Facebook page in response to its LGBTQ2 video saying “What would help is for future trade deals to demand, and have a precondition for, repeal of law 377A which causes discrimination to minorities in Singapore.

Canada in Singapore Facebook page

Tan Cheng Bock’s reply was simply “Sure please talk to my men, thank you“.

This curt reply to a concerned voter made Carol peeved enough to post on Facebook that “A dismissive reply can look like this. When we vote a party in, it’s not just a personality, but the values that the party represents. It became clear to me who deserves my vote.”

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