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A contribution from a resident of SengKang GRC.

Low Thia Khiang, the former leader of Workers Party had always proclaimed publicly that his party is not ready to form a government. A major reason is he is very well aware that the Workers Party has the whats but lack of the substantive hows on national polices.

It is always simple for people to dish out demands like “This is what you should do. That is also what you should do.” However, the big question is “How?”. Workers Party never has answers on the big ‘How’.

Workers Party has opposed numerous policies including foreign employment, GST hike, POFMA, progressive wage. These are the ‘whats’ but where are the ‘hows’? When questioned on their objectivity in Parliament, the Workers Party has neither answers nor concrete plans.

Take a scenario that I am the boss of a company and you wish to take up the position of the CEO in my company. I invite you into my company but you ended up telling me, “No no! I have no plans to act on. I shall stay behind you and tell you what to do instead.” Now, how does this sound?

There is no doubt that the Workers Party team in SengKang are all professionals in their own rights and academically qualified, but nothing defers from the truth that during this difficult and messy time, we need experienced steady hands to bring Singaporeans out and emerge stronger through the crisis.

Jamus Lim might be an economist but he has zero experience in politics. During the national debate with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vivian Balakrisnan, Jamus Lim did not deny that the Workers Party’s manifesto was copied from the PAP’s.

Jamus Lim had stated that his theories are mostly based on data from the Internet. He has no plans on Sengkang. He does not know what to do with Sengkang. Workers Party could be waiting for the PAP to release the plans of the new town council before improvising their own.

However, the PAP government has for at least, 5 decades, gone through hard knocks to accumulate the experiences which they have today. In Sengkang, for the past 10 years, the PAP MPs have built up its infrastructure and amenities from ground zero.

They have experiences and best practices from managing the other town councils. New projects such as the Rivervale Shores Hub, Harmony [email protected] East, a community centre next to Rivervale Plaza (which was previous stalled because of the incompetency of the Workers Party) are concurrently running.

Politics is not about just having a good fight in good spirit and for the sake of democracy. It concerns your life and my life. It is undeniable that the amenities and development in Sengkang is evident by itself and the local community can see that the incumbent MP has done a lot for the residents at the constituency level. Thus, we may reasonably say that the politics at the constituency level has been done exceptionally well over the years.

National politics is much more complicated than politics at the constituency level. It concerns the country as a whole. It concerns stability, security and most importantly our bread and butter.

During these difficult times, we have to show the world that we are united as one and show the world that Singapore is politically stable. This has always been the branding of Singapore, that’s one of the reason why Singapore is able to garner large amount of foreign investment to generate more quality jobs for its people.

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