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ben Benjamin Chiang is an enthusiast of good advertising, deep thinking, labour issues and chocolate. He is also a private student of law with the University of London. The views expressed are his own.
Arthur Lee Arthur Lee has been writing for the last 5 years and his passion is about travel and culture. When he’s not writing, he is actively scrolling through Facebook for the latest place to have a coffee. He goes overly-excited when it comes to food. It’s a miracle how he maintains his waist size without exercising.
Rene Rene Neo is mostly in Singapore and loving it! She has an unwhettable appetite for travel. She prefers her coffee black, champagne dry, days short and nights long. She does a fabulous job of manifesting her awkward ISFP personality. And yes, she’s still searching for her unicorn, and chasing that rainbow.
jules Jules of Singapore is a working mum who likes to write about issues swept under the carpet. She blogs at and likes learning about other perspectives.
daniel Daniel Yap works in the media industry and enjoys blogging on social and political issues. He is married with four children. He blogs also at:
samantha Samantha De Silva develops and conducts courses in communication skills and also run writing workshops and  mentorships. When she’s not doing this, she creates content, copy-edit and proofread  for corporate, academic and creative projects. She also works on fun things like script analysis and writing for film and fiction projects. She has been a contributing writer and voice talent on the satirical podcast, the mrbrown show, since 2008.
aya Aya Imura was born and breed in Japan, she attended high school in Utah, USA and furthered in Beijing University, China. Mid way through her studies she had to return home Japan when her family business went under. She became stewardess with Japan Railway Hokkaido before following her interest, and joined “Recruit Co.” one of the biggest publishing and marketing industry player in Japan as a copy-writer. She won several copy writing awards including the prestigious East Japan Best Practice Award.At her peak, she challenged herself further and left for Macau to join a Japanese venture. As marketing director, she took on numerous projects of which one grew to a substantial size turning into a spin-off company which she headed before relocating to Singapore.. Aya Imura started building her business in marketing research upon arriving in Singapore and helped Japanese companies increase their awareness and market strategy for both local and S.E.A market. In early 2012, ninjagirls.sgwas born with a few like-minded Japanese friends. They made video blogs about fashion, food, tourism and anything fun under the sun (and even the moon)!
profile pic Rio is currently a law student at Oxford University. He has a passion for writing, and hopes that his writing elucidates issues, encourages debate and engages his readers. He believes in creating a culture of progressive discourse in Singaporean society. Rio cares deeply about Singapore, and Singaporean issues and he hopes it will be better and stronger by the time he hands it down to his children.
He also writes for The Expository (
hui Xin Hui is a professional copywriter, radio specialist as well as a socio-political and cultural commentator for several digital and print channels including MediaCorp Radio, MediaCorp Publishing, and Singapore Press Holdings. Xin Hui was born and raised (and now based) in Singapore where she grew up on a steady diet of soya bean milk and fried carrot cake – just two of the many things that keep her here.After getting a B.A. in political science, she began her career in radio copywriting and was a nominee at the New York Festivals for a radio commercial she wrote and produced for The SPCA.Her writing style is passionate, progressive, and explorative, often with a humorous and creative flair for going against the grain.  On FSAAM, she contributes wide-ranging content and editorials, some light-hearted, some tongue-in-cheek and some so combative that it stirs the defenses of social ideals and calls for an examination of the underlying dynamics of the written and unwritten laws that govern society.
sabina Sabina-Leah Fernandez swears like a hokkien sailor, is a stickler for rules and efficiency, gets teary when she sings Home and talks about food while taking pictures of food while eating. In spite this overwhelming evidence that she is Singaporean, she is constantly explaining her heritage to people. Formerly a magazine editor, she’s now a yoga teacher by day and writer by night. She loves a good book and a good beach (preferably at the same time), and detests cockroaches and yogier-than-thou types (people, not cockroaches, though they must be pretty awful too.)For more of her writing visit or follow her on 
april_2 April Zara is a Filipino-Chinese citizen of the world. She’s a free spirit who strongly believes that happiness is contagious and makes conscious effort to spread it.Her diverse work background includes years in both the publishing and fashion industries. She had a great learning journey as a writer for various publications followed by a wonderful stint as deputy editor for PETS Magazine. She moved on to pursue her interest in fashion and lifestyle as a sales and operations specialist for a fashion distributor before going back to her pet industry roots.

In 2014, she co-founded Tiny Krew, a premium pet product distribution company.

She loves animals, books, Mexican food, Assassin’s Creed, tattoos, and lists Shanghai as one of her favourite cities (mostly because of the climate).

elizabeth Elizabeth Tan firmly believes in the power to change the world with writing. She enjoys offering different perspectives on what plagues our society today. Through various platforms, she hopes to build Singapore into a place sustainable for the future.
1402977_10152308289412179_689097377_o Justina Lee speaks in Yoda: “No. Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try.”
IMG_6703 Audrey Kang is a born and bred Singaporean girl about to embark on a two year solo life abroad to study Politics and International Relations at the University of Melbourne. She’s maniacal about reading and writing and will write almost everything from sports to travel to current affairs, and will even read the back of a milk carton if she’s bored enough


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