Why is North Korea cozying up to China now?

If you think this picture of Kim and Xi is surreal, here’s why: a.) This is probably the first in a long time a North Korean boss has a picture taken with another world leader b.) Kim doesn’t often pose for photographs. If you run a search, they’re all “slice of life” type of pictures. […]

You’ve been hit with disability, now what?

First some facts, to scare you into sticking to a healthy regime: One in two Singaporeans aged above 65 is at risk of having a severe disability. Disability was responsible for 54% of the total burden of disease and injury in Singapore in 2010. Neurological, vision & hearing disorders, diabetes and mental disorders accounted for […]

Our landscape is being changed by the sharing economy

In the early days when Singapore was under new PAP management, the leadership was very, very concerned with how the city looked like. It is for this reason that the roads towards Changi Airport are lined with flowers and palms, our entire city is filled with trees and why we do not have overhead electric […]

Employment market to improve in 2018

Although the employment market is set to improve next year, the MAS advised Singaporeans to remain prudent. This is because wages are unlikely to increase rapidly as existing slack in the market will take time to be absorbed. The MAS also took the opportunity to remind workers to be careful with property purchases and that […]

cost of living

(When is a capitalist not a capitalist?) Socialists in disguise.

Imagine this is the 22nd of November 1954. You’re the PAP and you have just been voted into power. The island badly organised, a mishmash of slums, there is over-population, unemployment, housing shortage and racial tensions. The national coffers had only several million dollars, few companies have setup shop here, preferring the regions neighbouring us. […]

We are socialists in capitalists clothing

This is a map of South East Asia. We ought to be familiar with it, we live in its backyard after all. We go for holidays in some, hire our domestic helpers from another, go to a few of these places for cheap deals and spend a nice weekend or two on the lovely beaches […]

Before today, it was illegal for ambulances to breach traffic rules

Have you ever wondered why you can sometimes drive faster than an ambulance? Or why does an emergency vehicle, with sirens blaring and lights flashing patiently waits at the red light for the green to come on? That’s because unlike the rest of the world, ambulances in Singapore have to abide by traffic rules too. […]

Indonesia threatens WhatsApp with blockage

Indonesia wants WhatsApp messenger to remove obscene GIF images removed or face censure. Semuel Pangerapan, a director general at Indonesia’s communications and informatics ministry, said WhatsApp would be blocked within 48 hours unless the images supplied by third parties were taken off the service. WhatsApp had responded, asking the government to speak with vendors of […]

Future Leaders Summit

Which country has better labour welfare standards? 

To answer this question swiftly, we compiled a small table on the different ways some countries approach labour welfare. You will notice that some countries have zero paid maternity leave, public holidays and even medical benefits. There are some things to note about this. a.) Documented here are federal laws that affect the whole nation. […]