Editors of TRS had just lost their cash cow…now what?

Good news: The Real Singapore (TRS) is ordered to shut down. Yet this will not solve the root cause of the problem. TRS thrived on spreading misinformation and plagiarism. Sensationalism, even if false, brings advertiser revenue simply due to eyeballs. Other alternative media sites have taken various slants to their house styles for economic viability. Examples […]

A student’s tribute to LKY

 (This is the house of Mr. Lee, the room where many an important decision was made) I was born after you ceased to be Prime Minister. My first knowledge of you was mostly through social studies class, and even that was rather inadequate. Most of what we learnt was of Singapore’s struggle with independence, not a whole lot […]

Opposition Unity?

  Media attention has now been focused on four ex-National Solidarity Party (NSP) members attempting to join the Singapore People’s Party (SPP). The past few elections have seen opposition parties grouping together in what they call “opposition unity”. Their theory is this: because various political parties are all against the People’s Action Party (PAP), it […]

The new social contract: productivity and skills

One of the features of this year’s Budget is “productivity”. A common complaint: productivity seems to imply slave-driving. But it is not. If you’ve ever wanted better pay, more vacations and better benefits at work, the magic word that makes any of this possible is – productivity. But this nation is having none of it. Productivity […]

Is this “Robin Hood Tax” here to stay?

Each Budget season, people ask for the handouts they will get, ranging from GST and U-Save vouchers to credits for productivity and skills upgrading. All this is social spending. Social spending also points to the programs involving handouts to family, investments in transport, health, education and more. The target of social spending in social policy is […]

What the Chan Chun Sing – Chee Soon Juan Showdown Teaches us About Politics

  It is certainly amusing how much excessive air-time has been given to some political figures. Take the recent Chan Chun Sing – Chee Soon Juan (CCS-CSJ) showdown as an example. Chee has been known to never been seen as significant in the Singapore political arena, except the number of lawsuits he has chalked up […]

Have Singaporeans lost sense of privacy?

  An empty seat awaits a commuter. Three young folk stand by the empty seat, none wanting to sit down. An elderly man boards the train and sits down on an empty seat, bewildered at why the seat was merely looked at, and not occupied, even though his previous absence meant that someone could have […]

What if Singapore was bankrupt of young people?

  I want to talk about this headline last week: “Woman, 75, detained for conservancy fee arrears”. My knee jerk reaction was: why is the G so cruel — detaining people for something as minor as conservancy charges? But I beg you to look at the issue in a broader context. When you hear about a […]

NDR: What’s in it for Singapore’s future?

  For now, Singaporean politics is not as messy as other “normal” democracies. We don’t see the chair-throwing (Taiwan), balloting irregularities (Malaysia), repeated coups (Thailand) and stalled government (the UK, USA for example). To keep things running as smoothly as it is, this country must evolve differently. Just continuing and moving with the flow is […]

Mandatory Savings and Mandatory Taxes

  How ready is this nation for retirement? This can be measured by two tools: a.) savings from the individual and b.) taxes from the individual to the government (whom then disburses the benefits). One has to first establish that these two tools are often used in unison. Digits-wise, it matters little whether it is an […]