Why being more productive can work out for you!

  Productivity, this overwhelming word that comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. It is what companies advocate, it is the primary umbrella under which the company can function and make profits. The more productive we are, the happier the management will be. This means the company earns more. But what is it in for […]

Is Whatsapp invading on your personal life?

  Elizabeth Tan firmly believes in the power to change the world with writing. She enjoys offering different perspectives on what plagues our society​ today. Through various platforms, she hopes to build Singapore into a place sustainable for the future.    Can we truly evade the advancement of technology? As more and more experts step […]

Poverty in Singapore

  There are various categories of being poor in Singapore. (No official line yet, but some are calling for an official poverty line to be defined [t1]) Some could be the old and frail – these are the elderly living on their own, either with no children or children who have abandoned them. They have no […]