4 Things Employers Should Put Their Smarts To Rather Than Cheat The Government

If you haven’t heard, over 1000 employers were recently caught for trying to fleece the government of $5.57million by abusing the Wage Credit Scheme (WCS), which aims to help businesses cope with rising wage costs by co-funding yearly wage increments for eligible Singaporean workers. We must say… these employers are so resourceful! Coming up with […]

Reactions to the National Wages Council guidelines prove Singaporeans are spoilt brats

  Here I was on a Friday morning, getting in to work a bit later than usual and turning on my laptop to try and jiak zua (aka eat snake) until the end of the day  (give chance la… weekend mood). So I log into Facebook and scroll my newsfeed but all I see are […]

What is the Singapore Core?

It continues to be a “buzz word” in the media, a fuzzy ideal that visionaries want where a strong Singapore core will anchor the economy and help us ride out economic uncertainties and cyclical downturns. But behind all the spiel and idealism, the success of a strong Singapore core is not immediately or quantitatively measurable […]

Dear bosses, this is why you should hire locals!

Let’s face it – Singapore is becoming increasingly cosmopolitan. You probably can’t take a leisurely 5-minute stroll down Orchard Road without bumping into people from all races and nationalities! But with the changing cultural, workplace and education landscape,  it’s all the more important to be mindful that we need to maintain the Singapore identity. It is only […]

You’d never think this is one of the best banks to work for

Most of my friends work in the finance industry and besides the usual “coming-of-age” topics like weddings, property and having children, more often than not, conversations at our dinners will start veering into the territory of work. “My office pays $5,000 as a maternity bonus” mentioned a lady friend, to a chorus of “wahhhs” from […]

Horrible Bosses – Singapore Edition

Horrible Bosses – Singapore Edition We’ve all been there… many conversations with friends over dinner (and supper) have revolved around… horrible bosses. The ones who make you work overtime at the expense of missing family occasions/obligations, the ones who always message/call/whatsapp/Facebook (yes! even Facebook you) at the most unfortunate timings to get work done, the […]

Clash of the titans: SMRT vs NTUC

In the recent clash of the titans, SMRT made the first move when it recently sacked two of the workers involved in the fatal accident where two trainees were hit by an oncoming train. The National Transport Workers’ Union (NTWU) was involved in the discussions and asked SMRT not to take action against the staff […]

5 Myths About The SMRT Buyout Debunked

By now you would have heard about Temasek Holdings’ offer to take public transport operator SMRT private. Going by the comments and buzz online, we think some people are still hazy about what’s what and what’s going to happen. Here, let us help. Myth 1: It’s finally happening! SMRT is being nationalized! Hold your horses […]


In what was deemed “the biggest revamp” to the PSLE scoring system that has been around for 5 decades, the “T-score” will now be replaced by eight Achievement Levels (AL) starting from 2021. This move was aimed at reducing “excessive competition to chase that last point” by removing the bell curve, where students were graded […]

5 Crazy Ideas For Better Work-Life Balance

With all the population talk going on the mainstream and social media, it’s hard not to get drawn into this. While politicians, statisticians, economists and the like fight over the nitty gritty, here’s what I think should be implemented in my alternate universe. But then who knows… these ideas might just work on our sunny […]