Mathematics in Singapore

The changing face of education

Our society and markets are changing; the way we prepare our next generation for working life must also change. When it comes to education, we all have our own ideas on how we should and should not educate our kids. Some stand by the need for formal education, whilst others put more value on skills. The […]

WP and their definition of ‘Transparency’

“Minister, if you were a resident, I would answer your question.” – Mr Pritam Singh Mr Singh said that his duty was to AHPETC residents, and that he would answer questions if they were posed by a resident, to which Minister of State Sam Tan said: “I’m an Aljunied resident. You can give your answers […]

5 Interesting Ideas to improve MediShield Life

Several interesting ideas came up in Parliament during the MediShield Life bill debate, perhaps they are worth consideration.   Higher subsidies should be given to the younger ones below 21. Currently, those born on/after 26 August 2012 are eligible for a Medisave Grant of $3000. From calculations, assuming no subsidy is given to the family, […]

“I wanted to be a librarian”, said Chan Chun Sing

  In his opening speech at the NTUC building, the soon-to-be ex minister of MSF, Chan Chun Sing, recalled the halycon days growing up in a single-parent family. He recalled the only time he could experience air-conditioning was when he went to the library at old Stamford Road to read books for free as they could not […]

Industrial Relations (Amendment) Bill, what’s the difference?

Are you one of the 31.1% of the workforce classified as a Professional, Manager or Executive (PME)? This amendment is for you! Previously only Executive Unions had the ability to negotiate on behalf of PME union leaders. The logic back then was simple. PMEs or white collared workers represented the management of the company. They were the […]

Amendment to Article II of the PAP Constitution; what does it mean?

  Some have criticised the PAP for being a party living in the shadow of its past, and may even be out of touch with the ground. Cadre members of the PAP had taken a vote last Sunday to an amendment to Article II of the PAP Constitution. Perhaps to most lay people it is a minor thing, […]

A young Singaporean’s take on turning 49th

As Singapore celebrates her 49th year of independence in another few days, let us celebrate the success of Singapore as well as look upon the next and coming years with optimistic anticipation. In countries with a rich and long history, people are united by the pride of their common history, but what about us? We […]

Why Every One should celebrate Youth Day

  With every passing youth day, fewer and fewer people are getting to celebrate it. Maybe it’s because of our inverted pyramid population. Maybe it’s because the word “youth” is losing its meaning. The word “youth” to many is simply a demographic that you either flow in or out of, depending on the number of years […]

Why I do not agree with the NSP’s CRM Scheme

The National Solidarity Party resurfaced a previously rejected alternative to the Group Representation Constituency Scheme. Once upon a time in 1988, a Select Committee sat to debate the merits and demerits of a scheme that reserves constituency for Malays. What the NSP is proposing, is not new – it is a rehash from a 1988 Select […]

Why a repeal of 377A would hurt LGBT more than help…

Pink Dot 2013 saw the gathering of a large crowd of passionate Singaporeans protesting Section 377A of the Penal code. It’s what one might call the protest for the ability to love freely. Personally, I agree with the cause. Because as a maturing society, we should be more accepting of people of diverse orientations, cultures, […]