Break out of the circle of misery

Don’t tolerate bad service, it makes both your day and the service provider’s more miserable. This is what I call, the circle of misery. Example: You buy your food from the most convenient, cheapest shop available for you and you think you’re putting up with bad service because that’s part of the price. The proprietor […]

10 ways to improve your Grab Hitch chances

It is incorrect to say that only women (or at least those with prettier profile pics) get hitch rides. There are many other factors that run through a driver’s mind before he’s willing to accept a hitch.  (Actually men have an advantage. Men are usually more flexible, more appreciative and a safer gender to pick […]

Stiff penalties await illegal massage parlours

In a move to bust vice activities, Parliament had erected stiffer penalties against unlicensed massage establishments. Unlicensed operators will be slapped with fines of up to $10,000 and two years jail. At present the maximum fine is $1,000, a sum which Second Minister of Home Affairs Josephine Teo called “grossly insufficient compared to the profits […]

10 times toilet designs failed humanity

Had enough of national issues and broken down trains? Here are a couple of refreshing toilet designs that would inspire your own home renovation! 10. Just for friends   9. Because we all look the same down there   8.) How else would people know it is occupied?   7.) Only for the petite   […]

Deer latest in line to troll Singaporeans

A rare Sambar Deer (not to be confused with Sambal Deer, of which is commonly observed in tze char restaurants all over) was spotted by a netizen whilst riding his motorcycle on Sunday evening. The elusive deer had been spotted around Mandai Lake Road, Bukit Brown Cemetery and in the water catchment areas in Macritche […]

Are we too intolerant? Or are we too inconsiderate?

    It was reported in the Straits Times today that some residents in Jurong East called in the cops on a couple’s “gatecrash” party. For those of you non-local readers, this is local Chinese wedding culture. The groom, together with his “brothers” would turn up, blare their car horns to signify their arrival, go […]

Did the Worker’s Party get silenced in Parliament?

Have you heard the conspiracy theory on how the Worker’s Party motion (about the Elected Presidency) got shot down? If you haven’t here’s the “too long, didn’t read”: On the 28th of August, Sylvia filed an adjournment motion on this matter On August 29th she didn’t get to speak because two others MPs motions got […]

Someone poured window cleaner into an engine oil tank so you don’t have to

Have you ever wondered what would happen when you poured window cleaner into the engine oil sump of a car? Would it make the engine cleaner? Would it make the car go faster? Would it take you back to the future? Well, this hapless woman in France did just that. What happened was this artistic […]

Did Ho Ching just deliver the slickest message ever?

  What is she trying to say? Your guess is as good as mine ;) and this one…   But just in case you really are living on a mountain and have really no idea what’s going on, here’s what Lee Hsien Yang said a few days ago prior to getting embroiled in a Social […]

Suntec Management charges $215 for an hour’s parking

  Latest on Reddit: Somebody’s aunt’s friend was stuck in the carpark for over an hour and was faced with a $215 exit fee. It was then alleged that the Suntec management insists no system error and that this aunt ought to pay the full fee. The Management was said to have verified the CCTV […]