This is why Singapore is not producing talent

Have a look at this meme done by “Mediacock Singapore”. From Mediacock  Ok, it’s funny – but it’s also funny because it’s true. Everyone…. every mother’s son around us aspires to be a “manager”. We want to get hired into managerial positions, we aspire to be directors, we think that it is such a big […]

Is Bukit Panjang the new Yishun? 

Whilst Singapore is being obsessed with the little incidents happening about Yishun, there have been a series of coincidences that have been happening at Bukit Panjang. Murders, suicides, fatal accidents…even a possessed lift. We all know that Bukit Panjang is the site of numerous LRT failures and this shouldn’t be alarming. It is one of the […]

10 soft skills I have learnt from BMT

National Servicemen who enlist from January this year will receive Workforce Skills Qualification certification for SAF course…including Basic Military Training (BMT)! Wow, so this tells future employers that the serviceman had attained skills from BMT that would be valuable to the workplace! Hmm… that got me wondering: what unique skills have I picked up during BMT […]

8 Fun Facts About the National Budget

  – Budget always sits on a Monday each year – The first Budget statement was on the 13th of December 1965 by Lim Kim San (And yes, it was a Monday)   – Inability to pass the Budget can equal a vote of no confidence That’s how serious a session of Budget is.   […]

Angry with China? What for? lol…

When politically charged tabloids and medias want you to be angry, you know that you should do the exact opposite. The slime cannon of China, the “Global Times” published articles claiming ordinary Chinese people want the tanks “melted down”. And to make sure that people in Singapore read it, they’ve written it in English instead of Chinese. […]

Future Leaders Summit

5 reason why Singaporeans can’t get jobs (and 3 ways stay employed)

Even with such a tight employment market, there are still some 3% of Singaporeans who are unable to get a job! Here are some reasons why: 1.) You were studying for the sake of studying Your attitude towards education is pretty important. If you took the cheapest, fastest paper just because you “wanted that paper”, […]

ST Forum letter writer kena suan by 10 year old

Last Saturday, an ST Forum writer (a Mrs. Sheeba John) complained about how the National Library gave her a “phobia of borrowing books” because of (well deserved) fines. Here’s the letter:   Today, Mrs. Johns got chided and put in her place by a 10 year old girl.      Ms. Charmaine Wong – you […]

How to earn $0 being a Grabber driver (it’s not hard)

A story had been floating around the internet of one Mr. Chiang whom claimed to earn just $1700 after working a month as a Grabber driver. Chiang wanted drivers to know of the many charges, costs and overheads that one might not be aware of. Although earning a $1700 salary, Chiang got himself involved in […]

Hello Kitty Cafe comes to Singapore

Yes, it’s true. The infamous cat without a mouth will be heading our way. The cafe will commence operations at Changi Airport Terminal 3 in May 2016. For a local flavour, the cafe will feature orchids  and will center its design on a “garden city” theme. Yes, lots of flowers and greenery. Details of the menu are kept secret and […]