Britain votes “Leave”: What Singaporeans Should Understand

  On Thursday evening, Britain voted to leave the European Union. Most Singaporeans whom I spoke to before the referendum had strongly believed that Britain would stay. Why did so many get it wrong? I believe that is because there are many elements at play in Britain which boosted the “leave” campaign. These are elements […]

MH17: No Reason To Fear Air Travel, But Why Do We Still Do?

  The recent slew of airplane accidents is no reason to start turning away from air travel. The disappearance of MH370, the shooting of MH17 over Ukraine, the TransAsia crash off the Taiwanese coast and the missing Airliner in Northern Algeria in the span of a few months is startling. Yet, to avoid air travel […]

NLB Ban. Wrong Move?

  In the light novel series Toshokan Senso (Library Wars) by Hiro Arikawa, libraries employ armed soldiers to fend off government agents aimed at enforcing a strict censorship regime in a dystopian 90s Japan. The plot may be bizarre, but the social commentary is real. Public libraries house the collective cultural and intellectual product of […]

Obtaining Compensation for Workplace Injuries in Singapore

  Everybody is susceptible to workplace injuries in one form or another. In 2012, a total of 11,113 incidents of workplace injury were reported. Almost 30 injuries a day. This is up from 10,121 in 2011. [1] Given the frequency of such incidents, and their possibly severe implications, employers and employees both ought to be […]

Elitism in Singapore

Attitudes towards Same-Sex Relations in Singapore – A Bizarre Trend

The survey results published by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) earlier this year points to an interesting trend in Singaporean attitudes towards different degrees of same-sex relationships. “When it came to sexual relations between two adults of the same sex, 78.2 per cent of respondents said it was wrong. And 72.9 per cent did […]

If you find something, keep it.. is it theft?

The writer is a prospective law student at Oxford University.   Most of us would have heard of the recent taxi robbery, which must one of the most hilarious failed crimes in Singapore’s history:   Three youths carefully planned to rob a taxi driver. One would grab him, the other would assault him, […]

The Costs of Growth (and the action plan)

Singapore’s laudable transformation from third world to first within the past half-century has brought about unimaginable changes to the lives and living standards of its people. Labelled often as an economic miracle, it is unsurprising that growth and development formed the heart of the Singaporean success story. However, growth comes at a cost. Member of […]

Budget 2013

Budget 2013: Thinking like an SME owner

I find it difficult to accept the arguments put forth by those who assert that the Wage Credit Scheme is a “waste of money” and that it involves the unfair use of taxpayers’ money to “help businesses”. This is far from the truth. The scheme is excellent; when combined with other government policies, it can […]

Marital Rape

  A Question of Law The issue with the debate on the legality of marital rape in Singapore, is that many parties seem to forget that this topic is ultimately a matter of law, not morality. No party, serious enough to have its opinion considered, has, to my knowledge, purported the moral righteousness of marital […]

The Tampines Accident & the Double standards of Singaporean netizens

The recent online dissemination of the gory images of the corpses of the two young boys who were killed in the road accident at Tampines have sparked a strong response from many Singaporeans who condemned the distribution of the images as insensitive and disrespectful towards both the boys and their families. Some have even called […]