Sofa Sessions: Women at Work

In our brand new series called Sofa Sessions, we gather groups of people to chat about life the universe and everything over coffee. is pleased to present the first Sofa Sessions: Women At Work! Who are the ladies? Sunita, 32, teacher, recently completed her masters. Peizhen, 30, events manager, lived in Singapore and Indonesia. Megan, […]

How Living Abroad Taught Me To Stop Complaining

From Starbucks seat hoggers to fishball sticks, Singaporeans turn complaining into a national sport. Sabina-Leah Fernandez could’ve been a gold medallist, but now she’d probably get kicked out in the semi-finals. Here’s why:   Two years ago I decided I needed to leave Singapore. I was jaded and over it. No work-life balance. Too expensive. […]

The Curse of the Eurasian

Honestly, I remember being taught about the different races that make Singapore, we even had an Eurasian President. How come still so many questions about Eurasians? Top Nine Irritating Things People Say To Eurasians Like Joseph Schooling, no one believes I’m Singaporean. Call it the minority’s curse. Call it micro-aggression. I’m so used to being […]

If you claim to be Singaporean, you must watch this video.

We’re talking about this ShiGGa Shay video. If you hold a pink IC and a red passport, do yourself a favour. Watch it. Singlish. Hokkien. Tamil. Malay. Simi also have. Rap? Check. Pigeons? Check. Songkok? Also check. Fresh out of NS, Shigga Shay told FSAAM it wasn’t difficult to put the song together. “ I wanted […]

Why I’m Not Doing The Ice Bucket Challenge

  The campaign is wildly successful, and over $100 million has been raised to fund research. Thanks to their innovation, clever use of social media and risk-taking, the ALS Association has rightfully gotten financial and emotional support of people all over the world. [Full story is here on the New York Daily News]   Think […]

Dancing For Justice – Q&A with South African activist, choreographer and performer Mamela Nyamza

  South African choreographer and performer Mamela Nyamza brings her double-bill I Stand Corrected / Hatched to the Singpaore International Festival of Arts this year. On from Thursday Aug 28 to Saturday Aug 30, the dance piece is a confronting commentary of the important issue of corrective rape in South Africa. Here, Mamela speaks to […]

The Problem With Ranting Online

This poor guy who lost it on an ambulance driver hasn’t learnt anything from history yet. When will we ever learn: your social media account is not private. Our friends Anton Casey, Aaron Jeremiejczy and Amy Cheong will swear to you it is not a good idea to say what you want on the internet. […]

Our Fave Robin Williams Movie Moments

Mrs Doubtfire, The Birthday Dinner No one did voices like RW, and this one, an elderly English nanny, was one of the best. We love this scene because it shows his two characters colliding.   Aladdin, A Friend Like Me As the crazy genie, he practically made the movie. There are too many good songs […]

Life Lessons From The Fallen Five Star Tours Boss

The former managing director of Five Star Tours recently filed for bankruptcy and closed down his transport company, going from tycoon to hawker’s assistant in a matter of months. After the demise of his company (which he started in 1990 with his four brothers and built from the ground up) he spent some time at […]

I’m A Feminist and I’m All For The Changes To The SG Womens Charter

  I am a woman, a card-carrying feminist and I support the changes to the existing Womens Charter recently suggested by Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing. What changes? That alimony, known in Singapore as spousal support, or spousal maintenance, will be awarded based on needs and not gender. More details here: […]