Singapore employment rate improves

The rate of unemployment of Singaporeans had fallen to 3.2% said the Ministry of Manpower released its labour market report today. Overall, unemployment rate remained unchanged at 2.2% and for residents at 3.1% Total employment had shrunk by 4100 jobs in the third quarter, however this drop was lower than in the first two quarters […]

Fancy a parcel locker system in your condo?

Condo residents, would you like this parcel collection locker in your estate? Then maybe you should write in to Parcel Santa cause at least 30 condominiums will have these installed within their premises. Another 30 private residences have signed on to have such locker systems in place. These locker systems have proven to give a […]

MINDEF is asking to be hacked. Literally.

  In a bold move, MINDEF has told reporters that it would be opening up its internet facing systems to hackers. Through this, the defence ministry is working towards identifying and fixing weaknesses in computers systems for the entire public sector. The “MINDEF Bug Bounty Programme”, will take place between the 15th of January to […]

Fake infant milk powder in JB

Parents be cautious. Malaysian authorities confiscated 210 boxes of fake infant formula milk powder in Johor Bahru after a raid on five shops. The authorities acted after a toddler in Malaysia was reported to have suffered severe vomiting after drinking fake infant formula. The AVA has released a warning. “Consumers have a role in protecting […]

Public transport will be made easier for the disabled in pilot program

LTA collaborated with SG Enable to adopt Red Hill station and improving the daily walking route between the station and the nearby Enabling Village for persons with disabilities. This includes bright lane markings and rest stops are built to provide brief respite for those with mobility issues. The yellow markings by the sides of the […]

Getting more expensive to own a car…

From the 20th of December, vehicle related fees will rise. This includes fees for registering a vehicle and transferring of ownership. LTA attributes rising fees to increasing costs of providing these services, which include things such as IT system maintenance and manpower costs. In lieu of this, the authority will be raising 24 fees out […]

Please pardon Changi Airport baggage handlers

It’s holiday season and Changi Airport seeks your understanding if you are to experience delays in retrieving your luggage. A contributing factor to the delay is the monsoon season and the increased lightning risk it brings. Heavy rain and lightning can force ground handlers to temporarily stop retrieval of bagging from aicraft. It is extra […]

Jolovan Wham to be charged for organising public assemblies without permit

Jolovan Wham, the former executive director of the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME) will be charged in court this Wednesday. He is accused of organising public assemblies without a police permit and refusing to sign statements on multiple occasions. Police said that Wham, 37, created a Facebook event asking the public to participate in […]

What happens when a plane flies into volcanic ash?

So you’re cursing and swearing because your Bali plans got cancelled due to some silly volcano? Well, don’t be. Planes are designed very well, so it is not easy for jet engines to lose power. However, volcanic ash is one of the ways they can. Volcanic ash is like sandpaper. When a plane flies through […]

If you want to volcano, Bali is the place to be

Mount Agung in Bali had started to erupt last Tuesday (21st of November) and so the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement to recommend Singaporeans not to travel there. Which makes sense, because it is not just exposure to the lava that will kill you, volcanic ash clouds have been known to cause aircraft […]