PSLE :It’s NOT ok to fail

Guest Post I get it. It’s all about perspective. The PSLE system could be flawed and parents should not condemn their kids just because of a singular examination in a period of one’s young life. Just because a child scores poorly doesn’t mean the end of the world. What I don’t think we should start […]

Singapore’s Defence – Fact or Fiction?

Every mother-father’s son in Singapore will eventually have to serve his National Service some day. Even our Olympic Gold Medalist wasn’t made any exception. This uniquely Singapore experience has unknowingly become every Singaporean man’s common topic and it is definitely not an uncommon sight to see strangers who just met at a bar getting along […]

Singapore reacts to Trump’s triumph

What Happened? America has voted. Trump won. WHAT do Singaporeans think? After the last Singapore GE2015 (coincidentally on 9/11), today on 11/9 we see everyone getting excited over yet another election… though this time round it has happened halfway around the world. He might not be my friend on my Facebook or tell me all his […]

Singapore Day is still important despite “looming” economy and here’s why

Dear Thomas Lee Chee Chee, I read your letter to Today about your concern that “tax dollars” is spent on Singapore Day despite the “looming global economic downturn”. I might not be an expert in foreign affairs but let me share with you my two cents about why is Singapore Day important to all of us. […]

License for power-assisted bicycles?

Screenshot from Yet another car accident involving power-assisted bicycles aka e-scooters.  This time round, a 25-year-old man was declared dead on scene and two other men, aged 18 and 17 were warded into NUH. The 18-year-old died shortly after. If you can’t remember the total number of cases of such accidents happened in recent […]

Were the DDos attacks Starhub’s fault?

WHAT HAPPENED? Starhub’s internet service was disrupted twice last week. (Of course if you are on Starhub, you should already know it lol.) CTO Mr Mock, explained that this was a malicious distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on their domain name servers (DNS) caused by devices such as broadband routers and webcams. WHAT’s DDOS? You must be […]

The 11-year-old boy’s suicide – What went wrong?

What happened? 11 year old boy’s death concluded by State Coroner Marvin Bay that it is no accidental fall but an act of suicide. The suicide could have been a result of pressure he faced from his parents regarding his academic results. It is reported that out of the five subjects for his mid-year exam, he had failed two and […]


WHAT HAPPENED? Founder of The Dorsal Effect did a few interviews with SPH. She took the interviews and uploaded them on her site. SPH contacts her re breech of intellectual property rights asking her to remove those articles with SPH’s masthead or she can apply and pay a copyright license fee for the usage. She got angry, […]

Ridiculously good looking police is good looking

What happened? Le wild ridiculously good looking auxiliary police officer from Certis Cisco, Lee Minwei, was spotted at Changi Airport. His photo was promptly circulated on Twitter, Facebook, and every other social media network. Changi Airport reacted quickly by featuring him on their Facebook album – Faces of Changi, which was created earlier this year. here […]

This whole Olympic and Paralympic reward saga

WHAT HAPPENED? 2016 has been a great year for Singapore’s sport scene. It might still be a long way before we can fulfil the long overdue GOAL2010 dream, but both our Olympic and Paralympic swimmers have brought glory for the country with their own Gold medal(s) this year. Para-swimmer Yip Pin Xiu will receive $400,000 for the […]