Trade Union denies Borneo Motors proposed 30% pay cut

Reported in the Straits Times, we understand that Sales executives of Borneo Motors, who spoke on condition of anonymity reported that the company was planning to cut commissions by $100 to $350 per car. In case you’re wondering: sales staff’s income averaged between $6,000 and $8,000 a month. Union Intervened To Help However, their trade […]

10 skills you need to learn pronto. Cause your career hinges on it.

The texture of employment is fast changing and I think there is no need to explain too much about what this is, or why it’s happening. It’s happening. That’s all you need to know. As businesses change in their needs, so do your skills. And the skill that every employee needs to go out and […]

Online falsehoods: Life goes on for the rest of us

I was really curious about what people thought of the proposed fake news laws. My writer and journalists friends are clearly enraged. So are the liberals, the dissents and the reformists.  But do Singaporeans care?  I came across the work of a reputable survey company and they happen to have just the answer for me. […]

What is wrongful dismissal anyway?

A employment relationship, is really a contractual relationship. And as with all contracts, there must be ways to call it to an end. All contracts should have an exit clause; Either party can call for termination by giving X number of days notice. Any other means of ending the relationship is a contractual breach. In […]

The Reverse Streisand Effect

A self-proclaimed satanic band were disallowed to perform in Singapore hours before a scheduled concert last week.  In a time when the global narrative promotes inclusiveness, freedom of speech, love and acceptance, it is hardly surprising that there is an outpour of sympathy for the Devil.  But just like how there ought to be limits […]

This is what a solution to inequality looks like.

A lot of ink has been spent talking about how Singapore “doesn’t have minimum and/or living wages”. I’d like to cut short the argument right here and say, yes. We do. 1.) Progressive Wage Model: it requires you to pay a price floor, or you don’t get a licence to run your business.  Call it […]

“Election lai liao”, and other stuff to roll your eyes to

The annual national Budget is a massive plan, followed by a Committee of Supply debate to direct the country’s expenditure for the year. It is the next most important speech following the National Day Rally and its components is a vast, complex sea of numbers. It is looking at the past, present and future at […]

Unpopular opinion: The girl in the GoJek case was actually correct.

Bear with me, just for a moment… Forget the drama on social media. Forget you’ve watched the video. Forget that the ERP costs only $1. If you’re Chinese, forget that for a moment too. Now imagine being familiar with a journey, one that you’ve never paid ERP for. (According to the Straits Times, this journey does […]

FoodFare: Potentially libellous articles on The Independent

The discussion on hawker centers have been hot on the public domain of late. There have been some useful criticisms and productive suggestions, but at the same time there have also been fake, unethically written and some even downright libellous articles posted. There were two articles by The Independent that claimed “eye witness” and “whistle […]