Oxfam report is flawed and irresponsible

Not everything that has words such as “Ox” or “Bridge” or “Institute” or has statistics and printed in a book is correct, intelligent or even logical. The Oxfam report says we are not doing “enough” to fix inequality. By their standards, we ought to be doing two things: Taxing the rich more Spending more on […]

StatesTimes Review, your days are numbered

Indeed that is how I would have “Too Long; Didn’t Read”-ed the report of the Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods. The committee made 22 recommendations, including enacting legislation, urging (civil service lingo for “requiring”) technology companies to take proactive steps  to tackle fake content and creating a national framework to guide public education. Law, […]

Goodbye eScooters and shared bikes…Singapore was just not ready for you.

More restrictions, laws and enforcement will be enacted against mobility devices and shared bikes. Their usefulness has become so narrow. And do you know why this is so? Singaporeans are just too immature to handle them.  We have been reckless with technology that would otherwise have made transportation even better. We have been intolerant and […]

377A serves public morality : NMP Thio Li-Ann

Below is the full transcript of NMP Professor Thio Li-Ann’s speech in Parliament from 2007. Two camps championing two distinct criminal law philosophies are polarised over whether to retain or repeal s377A which criminalizes public or private acts of gross indecency between two men, such as sodomy. The ‘liberal’ camp wants 377A repealed. They offer […]

The HDB worry is unnecessary and imaginary

The stress is imaginary, the worry is unnecessary and the criticism is directed at the wrong points. The social contract had done its work and I argue it continues to work. The citizen’s fear is that by the time 70 years has lapsed, the estate would be taken from them and they would be left […]

How you can invest like Temasek

It was reported today that Temasek’s total holdings today amount to some $308b. It is a healthy number. Well actually to an investor, any number that is bigger than the previous year is a healthy number. Rule number one: don’t lose money (Warren Buffett). But don’t just watch Temasek having all the fun, you too can […]

Ah yes, Mahathir is back in the house

At first, I was all “wait and see”. Mahathir showed all the signs of a leader who could turn things around. I thought the axing of consumption tax was a good move. Show the electorate that you will fulfil promises but keep revenue coming in at the same time.  Calling for donations was also a […]

We reveal secrets of Singapore’s success to Malaysia’s Finance Minister

Malaysia’s newly minted Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng was reported to have handed out some morale boosting talk to a group of Malaysian entrepreneurs, the quote of which made headlines in Singapore. “…why must we lose to Singapore every time? Beat them at their own game, you can do it.” Lim attributes Singapore’s success to […]

No one’s cheating your ElderShield money

CareShield and Eldershield have been in the news of late and it appears people have been seriously confused by what it is. Online articles and their vague understanding of it have come up with inaccurate criticisms, these include: ElderShield has been “Profiteering” People have been unable to claim under ElderShield It is not useful and […]