“Experience” is a lousy way to justify a pay increase

The following had been contributed by Lin Chin Quek, 28, Career Counsellor. I am a career counsellor and it is too often that I have heard these words: “I have XY years experience, surely that is cause for pay rise.”  I have news for you: Experience means nothing at all in today’s world.  It translates […]

pm lee

What Do Overseas Netizens Think Of PM Lee Hsien Loong?

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (PM Lee) was recently interviewed by Christiane Amanpour for CNN on why the US is running an overall trade imbalance, and Singapore’s position when two trade giants have difficulties with each other. PM Lee first took some time to establish in simple English why Donald Trump wants to address the […]

Patrick Tay Spills Insights About Nursing & Healthcare At Budget Debate 2018

Sometimes, MPs add a little something extra to their Parliament speeches. Yesterday, Labour MP Patrick Tay did just that, by spilling some insights about the healthcare sector promptly after he ended his Budget Debate 2018 speech. What makes Patrick Tay qualified to speak about the healthcare sector? Well according to his LinkedIn profile, Patrick Tay […]

Three Issues PMEs Face Which Aren’t Covered By The Employment Act

The Employment Act is undergoing its first review in 6 years to expand its scope of coverage and streamline how employment disputes are settled. Currently, the Employment Act covers the following provisions for certain groups of employees: To understand how the review impacts us, let’s look at three issues which aren’t currently covered by the […]

Chee Soon Juan

A Wasted SDP Sec-Genship

Chee Soon Juan’s term as SDP Secretary-General (1993-present) has been wasted and unremarkable So after 24 years with Chee Soon Juan at helm, the SDP CEC is not in the throes of choosing a new leader. But who becomes the next SDP Sec-Gen should not be as important as whether he (or she) has the […]

MOM Labour Force in Singapore

3 Warnings MOM’s Labour Force Advance Release 2017 Reveals

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) just published its Labour Force in Singapore Advance Release 2017 showing key trends of the resident labour force in Singapore. Here are 3 important takeaways from the 43-page report that we should be warned to prepare for. 1. Our resident labour force is ageing If you are below 43 years, […]

Universal Basic Income: Should Singapore Consider?

Universal basic income has been a buzzphrase of 2017. A recent McKinsey report on what the future of work will mean for jobs, skills and wages revealed some worrying news. An estimated 800,000 full-time equivalent positions in Singapore and 23% of our current work activities may be potentially displaced by automation by 2030 (which will […]

Gilbert Goh has to be corrected

The following article had been contributed by “Annoyed Citizen”. Normally, when you see a meme like this…you ignore it. It appeals to either the ignorant, the restless or the plain silly. Very easy to rebut. These facts you cannot deny: a.) The ministers don’t get paid bonus b.) Civil servants have been getting this sort […]

Your Letters: Are we going too far with our memes?

(The following letter had been contributed by Daniel Tan, 40, business owner. Tan tells us he had received the meme circulating on WhatsApp. The Facebook version cannot be found.) (Update: There was feedback that the owner of MediaCock claimed the visual was altered by others and the visual with the President was not their doing) Does the […]