A milestone in the Worker’s Party report card

  The judgement is out: Worker’s Party town council was found guilty of organising a trade fair without the required permit. During the trial, they raised displeasure of having to acquire written approval from the Citizen’s Consultative Committee, a requirement needed for the grant of the permit. This to me sends an important message: the Worker’s Party […]

Hear the Kallang Roar!

In what can be described as knee-jerk reaction to the outcry over the Sports Hub sandy pitch, the Sport Hub will push back some of its events to allow the grass at the pitch to grow right in preparation of the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup on 23 Nov. While this has angered some […]

NLB Pulping: Fine, I have no stand. Do I really need one for everything?

This NLB pulping issue is getting on my nerves. First, it was a pro-family/anti-LGBT vs pro-LGBT/anti-family issue. Then people say it’s not just LGBT vs family but it is about murdering vs loving books. Then it goes further beyond, that actually it is censorship vs literary freedom. And whatever you say mildly in favour of NLB, you’re […]

CPF: My money is my money?

You know how the whole CPF debate has been centred on the theme of  “my money is my money” and therefore Government has no right to lock it away. Even the Government, in its attempt to convince citizens of the goodness of CPF is bent on explaining CPF is really citizen’s money. But who can […]


我的肤色和你不同, 我说的话你听不懂 , 你嫌我爱闹事喝酒, 和你搭地铁你嫌我臭。 但我仍辛勤地劳碌, 建造你居住的组屋, 宽阔你使用的道路, 建筑地铁让它通畅无阻。 我清洗你留下的秽污, 让你生活舒舒服服, 你从不问我有多辛苦 , 也不问我是否幸福。。。 那就不要问我从哪里来, 包容我在这里和我往来, 一起建造这里的将来。      

When the heart is right, the politics will follow

  I read with great interest the provision of sheltered walkways and fitness corners at Workers Party (WP) held wards supported by citizens’ consutative committees (CCCs) under the People’s Association (PA). This translates to: CCCs and PA supports the Worker’s Party. Mr Ong Ye Kung, adviser to Kaki Bukit grassroots organisations was quoted saying “If we […]

But maybe Stephanie was right…

  Seems (a majority of?) people actually liked what Stephanie said! People cheer for her! Maybe she is right after all, here’s why: She said “majority of Singaporeans” not everybody Yes, majority of Singaporeans actually do think the majority of Singaporeans suck. I guess she’s just part of the former majority. She said there is no […]

Legislating wage – slaughter of a sacred cow?

Benjamin earlier wrote about the legislation of wages in the cleaning sector, and it’s announced yesterday by the NTUC. Slightly more than a year after it introduced the Progressive Wage Model, NTUC has successfully worked with the Government and cleaning industry to put the model into legislation. Wage legislation is quite a “sacred cow”.  We all […]

Yam Seng! to $2.50 nasi padang

  This article is an opinion surrounding the controversy over Baey Yam Keng’s $2.50 nasi padang (see link below). http://www.soshiok.com/content-clears-air-over-250-nasi-padang Baey explained he didn’t know about the discount, and that ac/baey-yam-kengtually invited even more flake for him not knowing food prices. I wonder if rejecting “discounts” is actually supposed to be the right thing to […]

Riot – and the bottoms of it

  Everyone is trying to get to the bottom of the riot that happened last Sunday.  Don’t think I need to provide links to substantiate that point – it’s simply everywhere, online, offline. Everyone’s offering a perspective, an angle, a story, a root cause.  Events pieced together in excruciating detail. We have the racist mob rant […]