What should companies do with staff during the downturn? Retrenchment?

As companies come to grips with a slowing down of the economy, they should not overreact and dig themselves into a hole. While tightening the belt such as retrenchment looks attractive, companies should not unwittingly restrict their capacity to respond to challenges. Companies should not limit their capability to grow their businesses. While companies cannot predict or […]

Melissa and Roxie from Wah & Hua

Treating staff as family: the Asian difference

One of the most remarkable lessons our Asian heritage gave us, is the importance of a family unit. The Asian family puts at the forefront principals such as respect, care and life long protection. To an Asian family, to protect and look after family members is an honourable charge. A responsibility not taken lightly. This […]

Interview with Ang Hin Kee: Incident at Ang Mo Kio

It started off as a Meet-The-People’s Session like any other. Cases were taken, residents were heard…but by about 10pm, there was murmuring amongst the residents. An incident had happened at a nearby block. Some say it was a quarrel. Some say it was a suicide. Moments later, large numbers of emergency vehicles started to pour in. […]

20 mins with a Cat Cafe Boss: “So you wanna run a business?”

Jefferson Soh is one of the most financially careful person I know. And he’s prudent about investing. So 3 years ago, when he told me he’s going to sink his money into opening Singapore’s first cat cafe, I wanted to know what attracted him to the business. Why not a traditional cafe? The traditional cafe […]

Interview with Mr.Bubble-man: It’s more than just bubbles

Last week, Mr. Bubble-man made internet news when a video of him engaging an SBS Transit staff over a bit of bubble blowing. FiveStarsAndAMoon posted up this video last week   “Some internet tabloids latched on to the ‘ang moh insists on his way‘ angle and their audience watched it with the gleeful intention to judge” chuckled Mr. […]

Singaporeans need more entrepreneurial spirit

The following interview was conducted by Li Zi Yun, a business undergraduate with the National University of Singapore.   We’re a highly connected country, we boast one of the highest GDP rates in the world, we have one of the most fertile business environments globally…but yet, we don’t have the stories to match. We don’t […]

Be employed and build a business too? Why not? says NTUC’s Desmond Choo

  “We encourage our employees, to spend 20% of their time working on what they think will most benefit Google,” wrote Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 2004. “This empowers them to be more creative and innovative. Many of our significant advances have happened in this manner.” I shared the quote above with […]

A Different Type of Volunteer

The past month has seen quite some news coverage on volunteering, what with the President’s Volunteerism Philanthropy Awards (PVPA), and also with the announcement of civil servants getting a day of leave to volunteer in a charity.   But what about union leaders? Ordinary working folks who step up and volunteer their time to speak […]

Labour tightening: Is it time to reel it back in?

The following is an opinion of Victor Mills, Chief Executive at Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC).   The whole immigration/foreign talent issue has been hijacked. It is misunderstood by many people because of the results of the infrastructure crunch we are currently managing our way out of. Since independence Singapore’s practice was to build […]

Top 5 Recommendations Raised By Opposition in GE2015

Has the government been listening to its citizens? We look at the top 5 recommendations raised by the opposition, the tradeoffs of each recommendation and evaluate if the government has done enough for Singaporeans.   Reduce foreign talent inflow Tradeoff: If Singapore reduces foreign talent inflow, Singaporeans must be ready to face retrenchments from MNCs […]