What Should I Do Before Voting In Singapore Elections?

It’s your responsibility to vote wisely. What should residents do before voting? How should they decide which candidate to endorse, or not to endorse any at all? I remember being completely apathetic to politics during the General Elections 2011. Anything vaguely political in the news was irritating to me and I quickly skipped any and […]

Chee Soon Juan Loses “Support” Of the Chiams and Lee Wei Ling

On the day before cooling off day of the Bukit Batok By-election, there has been a flurry of comments against underdog Chee Soon Juan. Notably, former comrades Chiam See Tong and wife Lina Chiam, and noted neurologist Lee Wei Ling have come out to tell their version of events. The Chiams: We don’t endorse Chee Soon […]


Well, the nomination papers have been filed and the candidacy of the People’s Action Party’s Murali Pillai and the Singapore Democratic Party’s Chee Soon Juan have been accepted by the Returning Officer as candidates for the upcoming Bukit Batok By-Election on 7 May 2016. Frankly, there is really nothing much for the voters of Bukit […]

Electing the common man

Shirwin Eu, Uber Driver by day or night and hopeful candidate forever. Should we all throw our names in the hat? According to Shirwin, who unfortunately will not be gracing the by-election as a candidate and entertaining everyone else not from Bukit Batok, everybody should be able to contest as a candidate. Everyone from the uncle that […]


Everyone needs a hero/(ine) Here’re our top picks from Bukit Batok’s By-Election Nomination Day Attendees The Spotlight  The spotlight is on PAP’s Tharman Shanmugaratnam & SDP’s Paul Tambyah – not just because they reflect the spotlight much better when foreheads combined, but because they both represent the weight of their party’s full force and support […]

Actually, what’s wrong with an upgrading carrot?

Yesterday’s headline told us that PAP unveiled a $1.9m upgrading carrot. Then opposition leaders cried foul about it, especially one Leon Perera of the Worker’s Party. What’s wrong with it really? The HDB disburses funds to the town councils, even opposition managed town councils and they’re free to use the same carrots. During the Budget debates […]


VIRAL RIGHT NOW: Some folks have updated their temporary profile pics to…   If you have NOT seen any on your newsfeed, it could mean one of the following: You have no hipster friends You have no PAP friends Your friends don’t know how to use apps Your friends cannot grow a moustache Your friends may have blocked […]

Chee Soon Juan…Vote For Re-LIAR-bility

  Chee Soon Juan. He really is re-LIAR-ble. You just have to scroll through google and you find not one, not two, but many people and articles questioning his reliability. Sure, since the last General Elections in 2015 he seems like he’s a changed man. But I don’t quite buy that. Just look at what a […]

Chee Soon Juan For Foreign Minister

One has to have a knack for politics to do well as a Foreign Minister and Dr. Chee Soon Juan has demonstrated he has the potential. When President Barack Obama was inaugurated as the President of the United States in January 2009, Dr. Chee and his colleagues from the Singapore Democratic Party made this congratulatory […]

5 SDP policies that are dangerous for the economy

Perhaps the party that is most enthusiastic with dishing out policy proposals is the Singapore Democratic Party. They have put together magnificent papers with ideas that promise to change Singaporean lives. But what are these policies and why do we think it wouldn’t work? Let’s have a look. Minimum wage Arguments for and against minimum […]