Former MP David Ong issues letters to his former ward

David Ong leaves with a personal touch. It’s been a month or so since David Ong’s affair surfaced and took our little island by storm. All factions, from pro to “oppo” sat up and took notice. After the dust settled a little, the former MP has issued a letter to the residents of his former […]

Why Bukit Batok voters should seriously consider Chee Soon Juan

Since the resignation of the MP David Ong for Bukit Batok, SDP’s Dr. Chee Soon Juan has been very active on the ground, talking to residents, taking photos and posting them onto his Facebook. In spite of the many anti-Dr Chee rhetoric, including The Independent’s 10 reasons why he will not be elected, I hope […]

Wendy isn’t the only one in love with David Ong

Now that David Ong is no longer an MP the gloves are off. Well the gloves came off a long time ago for David Ong. He probably failed his CME class in school, as his severe lack of moral ethics led to an entire string of consequences. And it didn’t take long for trolls to […]

Tissue paper politics

No sooner had the country learn of what the words “personal indiscretion” meant, politicians from all over flung the proverbial chope seat tissue paper to get a seat reserved. It is political kiasuism. The first to indicate interest is somehow more legitimate to compete. Even before the date is set for a by-election, more than […]

Why we should not forget the good work done…

PAP MP for Bukit Batok SMC, David Ong resigned from politics yesterday afternoon (12 March 2016) over an alleged affair. This was announced by PM Lee Hsien Loong on his Facebook profile. He added that he will call for a by-election at a later date. Ong had been the MP for the Bukit Batok division […]