Singapore Day is still important despite “looming” economy and here’s why

Dear Thomas Lee Chee Chee, I read your letter to Today about your concern that “tax dollars” is spent on Singapore Day despite the “looming global economic downturn”. I might not be an expert in foreign affairs but let me share with you my two cents about why is Singapore Day important to all of us. […]

This whole Olympic and Paralympic reward saga

WHAT HAPPENED? 2016 has been a great year for Singapore’s sport scene. It might still be a long way before we can fulfil the long overdue GOAL2010 dream, but both our Olympic and Paralympic swimmers have brought glory for the country with their own Gold medal(s) this year. Para-swimmer Yip Pin Xiu will receive $400,000 for the […]

Lower starting salaries for private school grads?

A poll shows that more than 70,000 Singaporeans who pursued degrees and diplomas through private education are lagging behind their peers who did their education at public universities in terms of both landing a job as well as lower starting salaries. MUST BE AH GONG’s FAULT AGAIN RIGHT? no degree, no problem! you didn’t ask me but… This […]

Singapore Netizens have no chill towards Uber

You should have read the news by now. A young woman, 19, dies after her Uber car crashed into a parked lorry this morning. It is an accident, though unfortunate but this effectively means it CAN happen to anyone, any car, any time and sadly, it did. presenting…the netizens So it must be uber’s fault? Seriously. I […]

What are we betting on with legal online betting?

WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN? Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club are running final tests on their online betting platforms, which means punters can soon bet online (Probably by end of October)! Why this initiative? You ask me, I ask who? is it too easy for the kids? I hope the sites have certain control re this […]

SMRT’s a Finalist in this year’s Human Resource Excellence Awards

A little background about the Human Resource Excellence Awards  The HR Excellence Awards, Asia’s only regional awards recognising and celebrating excellence in human capital strategy and execution, honours high-calibre practitioners and organisations which have excelled in all areas of HR. And let’s take a look at how SMRT is doing so far. Finalist in the following categories: […]

How Not to get “Scammed!” If You’re a Freelancer or Self-Employed

Who doesn’t want to make more money to help pay for the little extras in life? Or aspire to work from home or not at all? So it’s often tempting to click into these ads and headlines we see so often on Facebook or while surfing the web. Make Easy Money Working from Home But […]

How important is the Mandarin Language to Singaporean Youths?

WHAT HAPPENED? A video showing Singaporean youths speaking Mandarin (or something that is supposedly Mandarin) was posted online. The video basically shows us how bad the Mandarin standard is amongst youths in Singapore despite them scoring fairly decent grades at their Chinese GCE O Level exams. guilty as charged To make these youths feel a little […]

Migrant Worker

Do foreign workers deserve better dormitories?

WHAT HAPPENED? Ministry of Manpower has announced four new conditions that factory-converted dormitories (FCDs) have to meet when seeking approval to use their industrial premises to house foreign workers. The provision of a feedback channel for workers to report issues related to the housing conditions of the FCD; The provision of a personal locker for […]

National day rally 2016 lee hsien loong

Top 4+ Nasty Remarks Towards PM Lee Hsien Loong During National Day Rally 2016

When Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong suddenly felt ill during the National Day Rally speech 2016, many Singaporeans rallied around their leader to support him and pray for him. However, there were a few *ahem* nasty nasty remarks left by some netizens, which rankled the average Singaporean. Nasty #1: Brainstorm by Kenneth Jeyaretnam Reform Party’s […]