3 things that Sun Xueling’s infant formula survey has revealed…

One of the topics that dominated headlines yesterday (8 May 2017) is the issue of the increasing price of Infant Formula. A standard can of infant formula sold at a regular supermarket costs about $56 on average, up from $25 in 2007. In Parliament yesterday, Senior Minister of State (SMS) of Trade and Industry Dr […]

9 Ways Singapore’s Transformation Will Remind You Nothing Stays The Same

Singapore’s transformation is no less short of stunning (that’s why people love old photos). Nowadays, we often hear the same old words spouted by the government: productivity, transformation, committee of future something or the other. But we are nevertheless fascinated by old-school videos and photos which show how much Singapore has transformed in the last […]

What Colours Are These Havaianas Flip-Flops?

In a throwback to that infamous blue-black/white-gold dress, a photo of a pair of Havaianas Flip-Flops circulated on Twitter. The photo is now making its way into Facebook and WhatsApp debates over the colours of the flip-flops. A Buzzfeed poll showed an overwhelmingly high number of respondents voted the colours of the flip-flops as “white […]

Sph revenue profit

Singapore Press Holdings profit drops, may axe staff – SPH layoff

If you didn’t already hear, Singapore Press Holdings’ net profit dropped 17.5%. This is mainly due to a slowdown in its core media business, especially its ailing magazine business. What else has declined? 1. media business revenue: down 7.6% 2. ad revenue: down 9.2% 3. circulation revenue: down 3% There are 4,182 SPH staff, of […]

Is CPF really that good a deal?

WHAT HAPPENED? This article was published on mainstream ST about how CPF is a very good deal and Singaporeans have no clue about how good it really is. Singaporeans prove ST right that they indeed have no clue. Or not? We love cpf! Do Singaporeans really love CPF? Do we really see the good in CPF? […]

Sudden Closure of California Fitness – What Happens Now?

If you have no idea what happened in the past 12 hours, All California Fitness gyms in Singapore will be closed with immediate effect. Existing members did not receive any prior notice. A training program planned to last until 24th July was published on their Facebook Page on 17th July, just 3 days before this happened. […]

Killer maids have been making the news. Would you still hire a helper?

Domestic helpers have been making the news in Singapore. But for the wrong reasons. In June 2016, a domestic helper was arrested after her employer was found dead in their house at Telok Kurau. This follows a string of other high profile cases of maid violence in recent years: In May 2016, a 30 year old […]

Woman Who Shouted At Deaf Cleaner Says He Didn’t Wear Badge To Show Disability

Liddat everyone with disability also must wear badge ah? ICYMI, a woman on major PMS after being sick and feeling unlucky decided to verbally abuse a deaf and mute cleaner, drawing sharp criticisms from netizens which were quick to CSI her identity. As the story developed, this woman by the name of Alice Fong, decided […]

Why Do Singaporeans Treat Disabled and Special-Needs People Like Animals?

You know what the answer is, but you can’t accept it. I recently saw a video by the National Council of Social Services. It’s meant to be heartwarming I know, but it goes to show how typical our human nature is to stereotype people who have been labelled as different. We feel awkward around disabled […]

Why do successful men or women cheat?

Letter contributed by reader who wants to be known as ‘You Zhao Sai’. Bukit Batok People’s Action Party (PAP) MP David Ong resigned last week after admitting to a personal indiscretion – aka he cheated on his wife. This is not the first case of infidelity among our politicians. In 2012, Workers’ Party (WP) MP […]