5 most colourful rainbow food you can ever find! Cos Rainbow is the new Salted Egg!

Scrolling through Instagram for the past few weeks, I’m sure all of you would’ve experienced salted egg overload! From the ubiquitous salted egg potato chips and fries, to the rare salted egg lava cake; it’s not a surprise that you’ve seen them all! It’s not that special anymore, really. Bitch please, salted egg everything is […]

Hello Kitty Cafe comes to Singapore

Yes, it’s true. The infamous cat without a mouth will be heading our way. The cafe will commence operations at Changi Airport Terminal 3 in May 2016. For a local flavour, the cafe will feature orchids  and will center its design on a “garden city” theme. Yes, lots of flowers and greenery. Details of the menu are kept secret and […]

10 foods we’d like to try with salted egg

The island-state of Singapore appears to be undergoing a salted egg revolution. Salted egg has been combined with the strangest of foods and it turns out that the flavours appeal to Singaporean taste buds! We now have salted egg croissants, salted egg ice cream, salted egg waffles, salted egg chicken wings, salted egg fish skins… […]

15 Tips To Plan A Budget Wedding Under S$14,000 In Singapore

Inclusive of an eight-course sit down lunch, wedding rings and two bridal gowns. It’s no joke planning a wedding in Singapore, ranked the most expensive city in the world for the third year running by the Economist Intelligence Unit, or EIU. Although this EIU survey actually measures expatriates’ cost of living, Singaporeans do feel the […]

12 things single people can do this festive season

It’s Christmas. Your friends are coupled up and celebrating the festivities in their partners’ embrace while you are bemoaning your forever alone status. But wait, it doesn’t have to be like this! You CAN (and will) enjoy being single during Christmas. So here are 12 fun things to do for each of those silent, lonely, […]

FairPrice Weighing Scale: Tried & Tested

Singaporeans, sometimes we trust too much, sometimes we are too skeptical for our own good. After reading this uncle’s rant about a FairPrice weighing scale not doing its job well (it was actually sabo-ed by its colleague the treasonous tray), my friend sent me a series of pictures he took at AMK Hub’s FairPrice, simply […]

Bread Street Kitchen SG; fab or fad?

The latest addition to Marina Bay Sands’ list of celebrity chef restaurants: Bread Street Kitchen Singapore by Gordan Ramsay. Gordan Ramsay’s first Singapore restaurant opened its doors on 19 June 2015 in The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Although the two-storey space boasts 149 seats, business has been so great that reservations have to be made […]

Japan is running out of potatoes

Can you imagine eating fast food without the trusty serving of fries on the side? Fries have long since been paired with food food – heck, even most western food places locally – and it’s almost unthinkable to go without. It might be a reality soon, for fast food lovers in Japan. Japan’s Mcdonalds are […]

Wah, we got online wet market wor!

Who needs a wet market when you have your fishmonger on Facebook! So many of us do our shopping online these days; clothes, accessories, gadgets…fresh produce? Wouldn’t it be convenient if you’re in need of a freshly caught Seabass for dinner and all you had to do was log on to Facebook and place your […]