No one’s cheating your ElderShield money

CareShield and Eldershield have been in the news of late and it appears people have been seriously confused by what it is. Online articles and their vague understanding of it have come up with inaccurate criticisms, these include: ElderShield has been “Profiteering” People have been unable to claim under ElderShield It is not useful and […]

I support the High Speed Rail, here’s why.

The answer to whether or not the High Speed Rail brings value to Singapore and/or Malaysia is animated in this question: Do both countries want a closer relationship with each other? More unity and progress would do both nations a lot of good. The HSR is no ordinary project and its value goes beyond economic […]

Silent majority, silent tantrums and quiet politics

Janil Puthuchery gave an interview today to the Straits Times about how complex it is to engage with the public, in the age of social media. The vocal minority jumped at an opportunity to criticise the administration for a “lack of listening”. I find it odd when some say “the government isn’t listening”. Even comparing […]

Parliament cannot question academics? Bollocks. 

Parliament is sovereign. And by sovereign, it means that it can do anything it pleases. It can intern whomever it wants. It can question anyone, raise any subject, pass any law whatsoever, howsoever.  It is iudicium finitum, the final say, on any matter brought before the nation. Its powers are unlimited and unbound.  Why? Because […]

The two hats of Koh Poh Koon; not easy to wear

To understand the dual roles of the doc, you have to understand the context of trade unions. You see, it has often been misunderstood that trade unions, government and businessmen ought to be at eternal enmity with each other. But this had proven wrong, and trade unions all over the world are losing relevance because […]

The BMW owner committed no crime, but the internet may have

I think this vigilante behaviour is wrong. I won’t be very popular for saying it, but it is wrong.  Firstly, there is no crime. Nothing he did breaches any legislation. He did not hit, attack, raise public alarm or any other thing contrary to the penal code. No. It is not theft. An important component […]

A bit about Soros

If you haven’t lived through the Asian Financial Crisis and the British Black Wednesday, you would find it hard to imagine how just one man can cause the grief of billions of people.  The storyline is almost Hollywood style; evil rich man single handedly brings doom to the world. It sounds fiction, but the reality […]

An old enemy behind a new narrative

Background: Historian Thum Ping Tjin and freelance journalist Kirsten Han sought to register a company (funded by foreign groups to organise activities such as workshops and “democracy classroom” sessions) have had their application rejected by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).  A journalist, a comic artist and an academic walk into a bar. They decided to […]

…and then a wild Han Hui Hui appears…

The Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods final day of hearings was rudely adjourned after a ruckus caused by activist Han Hui Hui. Her actions prompted her to be physically removed from the chambers in Parliament. In classic Hui Hui style, she held up some papers to the cameras in the room whilst Oxford-trained historian […]

Fake news: This is why foreigners want to control governments

“It’s easy to make money … but you have to have your man in power first”, said Christopher Wylie, the whistleblower at the heart of the Cambridge Analytica disaster. In case you haven’t heard; Cambridge Analytica is the company that exploited Facebook to harvest the personal data (including voting preferences) for the purposes of driving […]