Unpopular opinion: The girl in the GoJek case was actually correct.

Bear with me, just for a moment… Forget the drama on social media. Forget you’ve watched the video. Forget that the ERP costs only $1. If you’re Chinese, forget that for a moment too. Now imagine being familiar with a journey, one that you’ve never paid ERP for. (According to the Straits Times, this journey does […]

Are there invisible workers in your office?

You probably know who your CEO is, even if you have never so much as stepped into the same lift with the man. Heck you probably even know all the directors by first and last name even though you have nothing to do with their departments. But what about the person that comes quietly into […]

This is how much junk mail you receive a year

Facebook user David Ong did a small social experiment: he saved all the junk mail received from 1st January to 30th December 2018 and collected 7kg worth. After sorting, the junk was categorised into 4 main genres: Property Agencies and agents Shopping malls and warehouse sales F&B types: Fast food, catering Handouts from tuition and […]

Using Free Online Will Generators? These Are The Potential Pitfalls

Recently, OCBC introduced a free will writing service via their proprietary online will generator. This is good and I hope many are encouraged to take charge of their assets responsibly rather than dying without one. However, there are many areas of concern in using online will generators or similar non-lawyer type services. It is open […]

“I inherited a world that did not make me feel very safe, did not make me feel fully empowered as a female, did not make me feel that i have a voice,” said Debra Teng, actress and also the producer of “Under The Carpet: #metoo ”. We all understand that sexual harassment, crime and violence […]

FoodFare: Potentially libellous articles on The Independent

The discussion on hawker centers have been hot on the public domain of late. There have been some useful criticisms and productive suggestions, but at the same time there have also been fake, unethically written and some even downright libellous articles posted. There were two articles by The Independent that claimed “eye witness” and “whistle […]

Hawkers are best managed by social enterprises

(The writer has run a hawker stall himself and so has his father. They were in the trade of noodles and fruit juice) So you want government and social enterprises to stay out of the hawker business? Do you know what would happen? Well, there would be a gap… and that gap will be filled […]

Oxfam report is flawed and irresponsible

Not everything that has words such as “Ox” or “Bridge” or “Institute” or has statistics and printed in a book is correct, intelligent or even logical. The Oxfam report says we are not doing “enough” to fix inequality. By their standards, we ought to be doing two things: Taxing the rich more Spending more on […]

StatesTimes Review, your days are numbered

Indeed that is how I would have “Too Long; Didn’t Read”-ed the report of the Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods. The committee made 22 recommendations, including enacting legislation, urging (civil service lingo for “requiring”) technology companies to take proactive steps  to tackle fake content and creating a national framework to guide public education. Law, […]