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Khaw Boon Wan missed an opportunity to score points

(The following article is contributed by a “Concerned Citizen”) What would an opposition party do in the SMRT fiasco? a.) Call for another public inquiry b.) Fire Desmond Quek c.) Install another CEO into the SMRT. You would do all that “in the public interest” and score political brownie points in so doing. Khaw Boon […]

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There is another reason to go cashless: crime

(This letter was contributed by: Reginald Sim, 31, banker) Governments everywhere are moving their economies to move more and more towards a cashless society. The reason? Crime and tax evasion. A lot of money is in the underground economy where criminal activity and businesses that evade taxes. In this economy, cash has no substitute that […]

According to States Times Review’s logic, no one can qualify to run for Presidential Elections. 

States Times Review (STR) wrote an article on 26 August saying that Halimah Yacob has “broken the country’s election laws by beginning her campaign before the closing of Nomination Day” and should therefore be “disqualified from contesting for infringing the election law”. In their comments, STR also encouraged their followers to report this to the […]

Singapore Day is still important despite “looming” economy and here’s why

Dear Thomas Lee Chee Chee, I read your letter to Today about your concern that “tax dollars” is spent on Singapore Day despite the “looming global economic downturn”. I might not be an expert in foreign affairs but let me share with you my two cents about why is Singapore Day important to all of us. […]

What should companies do with staff during the downturn? Retrenchment?

As companies come to grips with a slowing down of the economy, they should not overreact and dig themselves into a hole. While tightening the belt such as retrenchment looks attractive, companies should not unwittingly restrict their capacity to respond to challenges. Companies should not limit their capability to grow their businesses. While companies cannot predict or […]

Unfair Dismissals and The Employment Act

In Singapore, companies have the prerogative to fire at will, but what if you think you were unfairly dismissed?   Are there avenues of redress you can refer to in the event you feel victimised and shouldn’t have lost your job?   Did you know that unfair dismissals, compensation and reinstatement are actually covered in […]

Pregnant job seeker turned down for interview

Sally Tan (not her real name), 29, told us of how she was scheduled for a job interview. A day before the interview, she found out she was pregnant. Being the honest person she was, she shared it with the hiring manager of the company. The hiring manager expressed his unhappiness and cancelled the interview. […]

Why do successful men or women cheat?

Letter contributed by reader who wants to be known as ‘You Zhao Sai’. Bukit Batok People’s Action Party (PAP) MP David Ong resigned last week after admitting to a personal indiscretion – aka he cheated on his wife. This is not the first case of infidelity among our politicians. In 2012, Workers’ Party (WP) MP […]

The union’s nominated MP for Parliament 2016

This letter was submitted by Wong H.E, 35, nurse. The unions have put up their candidate for Parliament’s 2016 batch of Nominated Member of Parliaments. The NMP scheme was introduced in 1990 to bring into Parliament diverse voices from civil society. The President may appoint up to nine NMPs nominated by the Committee. An NMP serves […]

Your Letters: Blaming election results on new citizens is juvenile

The letter below had been submitted by Chong Wei Hao, 29, executive.   Of all the retarded comments from the sore losers, is that new citizens are parachuted in to swing the votes for the PAP. Sure, you can say that we’re like North Korea and China like how Kenneth Jeyetretnam did.     Or […]