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Your Letters: Heckled again by Vincent Wijeysingha

  The narrative below was sent to us by Jackson Lee:   I saw this circulating on Facebook earlier and it amused me:     I was onsite when Vincent Wijeysingha heckled the journalist entourage at a press conference. Actually what Vincent did was very uncalled for. The general media questions were these: 1. Are […]

Appointments by Members of Parliament

  There has been accusation that some MPs hold too many appointments, perhaps too many for them to focus on the resident. The latest shows the appointments held by one PAP MP, Yeo Guat Kwang. Let’s organise the list a little and let’s see how time consuming these appointments are: Member, Government Parliamentary Committee on […]

iron fist

*Gasp* Has the iron fist gone soft?

Suddenly, it seems as though our Government has turned from an intimidating grizzly bear to a cuddly teddy bear. Both the budget and national day rally this year seem to have a significant change in approach in many areas. What some would describe as hard policies and the relentless pursuit of growth at all costs […]

Cycling in Singapore

Cycling in Singapore: why all the hate?

It’s funny how in Singapore we’re constantly complaining about the price of COE, the MRT breakdowns, and the overcrowded buses, but we also can’t stand those that use alternative modes of transport. Don’t believe me? Just go on Stomp or Youtube and you’ll see hundreds of articles, photos, and videos of people insulting cyclists who […]

Can discrimination be positive?

Discrimination is usually seen as a negative concept. Whether it’s refusing access to a job, denying entry to a location, or reinforcing inequalities, discrimination can take many forms and can be found in all areas of life. It can be explicit or implicit: “No Indians” in property ads or “must speak Mandarin” in job descriptions. […]

Singaporeans give their two cents on WorkPro

The recent S$170m WorkPro scheme represents a generous sum of money dedicated to encouraging non-active people (those not holding a job and not actively looking for one) to re-enter the workforce. A retention bonus will also be given if the employee stays with the company for at least a year. For those that have never […]


From PSLE to FST (Foreigners Screening Test)?

Being a born and bred Singaporean, the changes to the law for foreign employment came as good news to me. Sure, I came across reports saying that some bosses are complaining about not being able to find enough waitresses and service staff, but honestly, those are not really my dai ji since I’m a salaried […]

Singaporeans first

“Singaporeans first” – what is it all about?

Philippines’s popular fast food chain Jollibee opened its doors in Singapore two weeks ago. Quite an exciting news for food-loving Singaporeans, right? But the situation turned a little sour when rumours started spreading on the company’s alleged preference towards Filipino workers; angry Singaporeans even threatened to boycott the restaurant! In the end, the company officially […]

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Your Letters: Frustration with political un-savviness

It is not my desire to lash out at any politician, but I think what was said of Mr. Mah yesterday was disappointing. What kind of politician would say something like: Singapore needs a bigger population, with better educated citizens and talented non-residents for growth “Where will the revenue come from”? (in response to calls […]

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The individual is never above society

The following is contributed by one Ryan Tan:   The individual is never above society.   This came to my mind after reading the SDP’s emotionally charged article about the termination of SMRT bus drivers.   This is a matter of Compassion vs Facts.   Do I feel sorry for the drivers? Indeed I do. […]