MOM Labour Force in Singapore

3 Warnings MOM’s Labour Force Advance Release 2017 Reveals

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) just published its Labour Force in Singapore Advance Release 2017 showing key trends of the resident labour force in Singapore. Here are 3 important takeaways from the 43-page report that we should be warned to prepare for. 1. Our resident labour force is ageing If you are below 43 years, […]

Top 3 misconceptions about the Pioneer Generation Package

The Pioneer Generation Package released during the pioneer generation reception at the Istana gave Singaporeans a nice 4D number to bet on (hint: 6586), but more than that, it gave many seniors something to look forward to. More details were released during budget 2014 and although the full details are not out yet, many have […]

Birthrate and Marriage

Birthrate and Marriage

On the topic of marriage and children, we’d like to start here: history shows that no amount of government initiatives will encourage couples to have babies. Not more welfare, not more incentives. Political material will have you think that more welfare, more flexibility in work and more money will improve fertility rates in a country. […]

Japan, sinking paradise for elderly people

The article below has been submitted to us by our friends from Ninja Girls, see below for the post in it’s original Japanese. My parents in Japan. 私の両親です。   Everyone keeps saying that “Japan is facing a serious ageing problem”. But if we look at our average age, Japan and Singapore has only 5 year […]

We’ve got the money – now where’s honey and baby?

  (Photo: Not the real couple) Last week, the latest Marriage and Parenthood Package 2013 was released. An increased annual budget from $1.6 billion to $2 billion was implemented in a bid to make Singapore more family-friendly. I caught up with Jacqueline and Darren (not their real names), a young couple who got married in 2009 […]

The golden years: staying relevant in changing times

Summary: Is Singapore ready to cope with the looming “silver tsunami”? What are some of the main re-employment initiatives currently in place? How can generational workplace disputes be settled? My father recently turned 60 and during his birthday party we talked about his plans for his upcoming retirement.   Instead of telling me about all […]

The Problem of Not Reproducing

All over the globe, every first world country with a high standard of living is facing a problem: Not enough children to replace themselves. Therefore, ALL first world countries have to rely on importing foreigners to fill a variety of jobs and to maintain a strong economy. Have you wondered why though? According to The […]