Pay Raises and Bonuses

Pay Raises and Bonuses: Who Isn’t Getting Any?

The year-end civil service bonus was announced yesterday: 0.5 months. Together with the 0.45 months of mid-year bonus and the 13-month payout, civil servants will get 1.95 months bonus this year (aka Annual Wage Supplement or AWS). 1,900 lower-wage workers will get a year-end payout of at least $900. The lower bonuses reflect the economic […]

3 reasons why Singaporeans could be rather contradictory

Singaporeans always want the best deals for most things. We don’t like to “lugi”. But when we are on the other side of the fence, we don’t mind if people receive the shorter end of the stick as long as it doesn’t affect us and we are still in a somewhat good and comfortable position. […]